Monday, February 23, 2009

It looks like this will be a long rambling thing — but here goes, I am looking at the Laser score sheet from the three races of the weekend. We had 7 sailors from LESC if we count Rob Krentel who signed up, but had to work showing homes over the week end. (Of that group, 1 from Winter Park, two from Longwood, 3 from Eustis and Conner who has roots in Mt. Dora and Orlando.)
Seven sailors from Halifax lead by Pete Haley and the Trainers that are on are e-mail list, and they all came. Then there was the Edgewater guy, Jack and Pat Delaney who should be sailing with Halifax, but we are trying to steal them. Stay tuned and see how that works out.
So where were the rest of our team? The Charlies were busy with various family things, Dave and Caroline Chapin on loan to Flying Scot fleet. Luke and Max were getting trophies in the Opti bunch. Ben and practically all of the high school 420 folks, we claim. Pearce was doing safety boat duty. Jennifer, Craig and Mother Leah were doing coach and RC (excuse me, PRO) work. Ray and Dean with the Scots. Maybe that is all except Allen and the Crystal River Rowdies who are into e-mails now.
Alejandro Illera cheated in the second race – he had his private wind and finished long, long before anyone else. He won all the races.
Jerry Beck was our second LESC sailor with a good consistent 7-6-6— no really stupid things on the week and he has a hat to show for it.
Franklin Trainer from Halifax was the first youth and will be memorialized on our Laser trophy at the club. He was also tied with Patrick Daniel and although Patrick beat him twice, Franklin had a third in that first race and that put him ahead. Patrick was our third LESC sailor, but missed a hat. I think we need a Laser hat, so a little bit of money and we can fix that no hat thing for Patrick.
Conner Kechriotis has been sailing with the 420s, but came back to Lasers with his radial sail. The first day he was scored as full rig and when we corrected that, he picked up a couple of boats in the first two races, but couldn’t catch Franklin. He had to settle for the second place hat.
Jack Delaney is next on the list with a 10-2-10. I am not sure how all that happened. He is an old Thistle sailor, but was able to lead that pack of light wind sailors trying to struggle after Alejandro in the second race. Good work, Jack. – but no hat.
I should mention Josie Trainer 5-10-11. She was the third place hat winner from Halifax and her mother gets the e-mails. I am sorry to say I don’t even remember which of the new faces she is, but the score looks like she was just getting tired. 5-10-11. I know I was getting tired.
Now we come to Marc Solal who has been practicing (look-out— Practicing?) And has move out of his traditional last place position. I want you to know he beat boats in every race and was third in the famous light air second race thing. That’s our heavy weight– and batting practice never hurts.
I need to mention Pete Haley because he is not only holding all the Halifax group together , but after Alejandro stole all the first places he had 2-4-2 No bad races. Good sailing, Pete.
We have had suggestions from our fleet that next year we run our own course next year. We have had 14 entries before and can do that. Include 420s if they want. Shorter course, one lap, windward leeward with short beat to finish. If big wind shift, first boat goes to move the windward mark and second boat does the leeward mark. If the wind is up then a triangle with a fast reaching leg (Arlen’s request) and required gybe point. Then maybe a two lap race or two. We just need one motor boat and we have our own marks.
Then we will arrange a warmer weekend. The campers won’t have to have a fire in the morning and can move the fire pit and conversation circle of chairs back out of the Laser rigging area in the morning.
The club has an old guy that picks up snail shells, bear cans, soda cans, and junk that washes up on the beach and wants to remind you all that it is not a pristine soft sand beach. Junk keeps showing up there, so be careful beaching and launching your boat.
Now the old guy that picks up the beach tried to educate the fire builders (keep the beach clean) and the first time they dumped the fire stuff in the dumpster it wasn’t all out. That is when we had the dumpster fire and some excitement for a few minutes. So soak your fire really out before you do the dumpster thing.
There was a younger guy that got the shovel out and moved the fire junk off the beach Sunday afternoon. Thanks, younger guy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It was exciting days for races for the Laser fleet. Dave Chapin came without his Flying Scot skipper and so he sailed Laser and had 5 first places in the five races, but Alejandro Illera was pressing him a few times.
Alejandro really had four second places and really had the boat going fast.
Patrick Hall with his family from England (Father Tony, mother Gill, and sister Phillippa) came on Saturday right on time. Patrick sailed with us and got a second in the second race. Great roll tacks, but they have more wind in England and he ended up in the middle of the fleet. Tony went out on the committee boat and took some pictures that he promises to send. They will show all those funny postures as skippers crowd up forward of the cockpit, heeling the boat and all that stuff. They had lunch with Marjorie, Sam and Marc in the picnic area and then went off to visit the shops in Mt. Dora and back to Disney Land for a week. I begged them to come back for GWB regatta and renew the "Crossing the Delaware" or some other great naval battle, but they are on their way home next weekend.
Rob Krentel continued to be out in front with Alejandro and he won the last two races on Sunday when the wind came up.
Sam got a lucky shift on Sunday and got a second place in one race and that was his only claim to fame.
Pearce Pomerleau continued to be the only youth and our only claim to real support of the youth foundation, except he sails his own boat. He had a third on both Saturday and Sunday. String some of those together and his scores will look like Rob’s. He is learning not to go to the corners or the lay line early. If you get headed, the others tack and beat you. If you get lifted, those below you get lifted up to the mark. Now you can free up a little, ans try to sail faster and beat them to the mark. Probably not fast enough to make up for the shift. AND at the windward mark to get the boom out and go "by the lee" (fast) on starboard and aim for the inside at the next mark. AND when you are on a reach and pass someone to windward, you are on the same tack (windward boat) and need to keep clear (We used to call it a passing lane.). Alejandro is still working on that concept. AND then at 110 pounds with the full rig he hung in for a 4th in the high wind reaching race.
Craig Yates sailed with us on Saturday. He only beat me in one race and probably needs more wind. Usually every time I turn around he would be coming at me. We need to invite the high school team to come and sail Lasers or 420s with us again. They all showed up Saturday afternoon — but they could do both AM and PM with lunch in between.
Marc Solal and I struggled on Saturday with the big bodies crowding forward. Remember in light wind if you are comfortable you are not far enough forward. He did better on Sunday, and beating people and smiling all morning. How about those wind shifts Marc?
Jennifer Burno, our first place woman, out with us on Sunday. Two third places but most remembered by me for the last race (the high wind race) on Sunday– Triangle= crazy start and four reaching legs. On the second leg from B to A, which was downwind, we were all by the lee – Rob leading with Alejandro next with Jennifer working to get inside . I am next and we are all planing. Sam is working to the outside because Jennifer and Alejandro are playing the chicken game of trying to get more and more by the lee and I am expecting one or both to have a big splash. If they do, I will need to get by.– they Jennifer rolls big time and I think she is gone, but she somehow saves it after a big roll and turn toward the sail, just like the pictures in Downwind Boat Whisperer– great job Jennifer. (She turned far enough that they sail unloaded.)
That is all the 9 people that sailed with us on the weekend. Patrick Daniel was off at the big boat things. I will have to call around and find out where the others were.

Dave Chapin 1-1-1-1-1+0-0-0-0-0
Alejandro Illera 2-4-2-2-2+1-1-1-2-2
Rob Krentel 3-3-4-4-3+2-5-2-1-1
Sam Chapin 5-5-7-3-4+3-2-6-4-3
Patrick Hall 4-2-5-6-5+0-0-0-0-0
Pearce Pomerleau 8-8-3-5-8+5-3-4-6-4
Marc Solal 7-7-8-7-6+4-6-5-5-6
Jennifer Burno 0-0-0-0-0+ns-4-3-3-5
Craig Yates 6-6-6-8-7+0-0-0-0-0

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Over the week end the Lasers had eight races and 9 sailors. The little slump that Alejandro had in January after his Xmas vacation didn’t last into this weekend. While he didn’t win all his races like Jim Lingeman did (two out of two) Alej won six out of the 8 and was second in the other two.
Saturday Patrick Daniel won the race that Alej missed and Rob Krentel won the one on Sunday.
Now watch out for Patrick because he out there on the course checking the wind and getting his rig set up while the rest of you are talking on shore.
Rob continues to be the one that is always challenging Alejandro. Patrick is moving up into third and will help him.
Sam had a second place in one of the races on Sunday– found a private wind some place, don’t exactly remember. Had a lot of good ideas that didn’t work out.
Coach Craig Yates brought his flu racked body out to sail on Saturday before the high school bunch in the afternoon. Not bad, he nailed a third and beat me in 2 or three races. Good going coach.
Pearce Pomerleau sailed with his radial on Saturday and with the wind up did a third place without any time correction. On Sunday he unveiled a new crisp full rig Intensity sail and began working on his light wind speed. He was also learning the downwind by the lee starboard tack inside at the next mark strategy. He is our first youth. Conner Kechriotis has signed up for the GWB regatta so our youth is coming back. If the Ladleys will get to bed earlier on Saturday after basketball they will add to our group.
Now looking at the scores, Marc Solal is beginning to beat people and I have seen him up at the weather mark with the leaders. Welcome to Laser Racing Marc. We have seen the fast French Laser sailor in the "Boat Whisperer" sailing with windward heel and good roll tacks.
Then the 420s are French boats and the Around the World Winner.
Coach Jennifer Burno joined us on Sunday for the light wind day and nailed one of the third places that Alej and Rob left for the rest of us to fight over. Our first woman and we will be looking for Leah and the two Carolines to join us.
Jerry Beck has managed to get elected to vice president of the Youth Foundation, Assistant Scout master, etc. He was the first here on Sunday, but just had trouble getting off the beach. Just hang in there Jerry. The sailing will always be waiting, but the scouts are growing up and that won’t wait.
Charlie Jensen got his sailing house boat out of the water Sunday– bigger job than a Laser. Maybe we will be seeing him some more.
The Youth Sailing Organization run by youth has been formed and their board is busy getting to know all the hard stuff about running things and paying for things. Wow!
January 31 and February 1, 2009
Alejandro Illera 1-1-1-2-1+1-2-1=10
Rob Krentel 2-2-2-4-2+ 3-1-2= 18
Patrick Daniel 3-4-4-1-3+4-4-3=26
Sam Chapin 7-6-3-ns-ns+2-5-4=45
Craig Yates 4-3-5-5-4+0-0-0= 48 tie
Pearce Pomerleau 5-8-6-3-6+8-6-6=48 tie
Marc Solal 8-5-7-6-5+6-8-nf=54
Jennifer Burno 0-0-0-0-0+5-3-5= 58
Jerry Beck 6-7-8-nf-nf+7-7-nf=73