Monday, June 27, 2011

RACES JUNE 25 AND 26, 2011

Laser weekend. June 25 and 26, 2011.
We had 12 boats out on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. Really good show, but not our record. Once we had 14. But then we had the MC scows come and sail with us.
Four races on Saturday and Five on Sunday when the wind really picked up about 11 AM.
So here are the scores.. A lot to cover today.
David Chapin 1-1-2-1+1-1-1-4-1 = 13
Rob Krentel 2-3-4-5-+2-2-3-1-3= 26
Sam Chapin 8-5-6-3+6-3-2-2-4 =39
Patrick Daniel 6-6-8-6+3-5-4-3-2 =43
Randy Rea 3-2-1-2+ns-45 =53
Tom Rhodes7-10-10-8+4-4-5-6-5 =55
Caroline Chapin 4-4-3-ns13+5-6-7-7-8=57
Jennifer Jones ns13-7-5-4+ns9-7-6-8-7=66
Marc Solal 9-9-12-ns13+7-8-8-5-6 =77
Charlie Jensen ns13-8-7-9+ns45 =82
Vincent Renzoni 5-12-11-10+45 =83
Dean Grimes ns13-11-9-7+45 =85
I will start with Dean who is down at the bottom of the list because he was late for the first race and then didn’t sail on Sunday. He takes a big hit for that. Dean sailed with us for several years before he and Joe Lobato began sailing the Scot. We will try to get Joe to join us also. Then Nancy Petty will be able to help us with the RC again later this summer.
Vincent Renzoni is really a MC sailor and he is just getting his experience spread around a little. He was right in the middle of things in the first races and then was losing lots at the mark roundings. Just needs a little more time in the boat. Maybe a look at some of the books or DVDs on Laser sailing.

Charlie Jensen is back, but down on the list having missed the first race Saturday and all the Sunday races. He stayed out after the racing and did the downtown docks. While he was doing that Dean was sailing off the other way to visit some of his customers. So we had two boats that stayed out sailing after the races.

Marc Solal is back from France and we are so glad to see him. He is one of our regulars. He is getting better starts and usually doing better as the wind picked up like Sunday.
Jennifer Jones, another MC sailors, but also Laser sailor and Sailing Instructor. So glad to see her again. She sailed the Kelley boat on Saturday. That boat has the old rigs and she was dancing around on the deck changing out haul and vang and really making it go. She got a better boat on Sunday, but was sailing a full rig and she and Caroline got sort of blown out when the wind came up Sunday.—including the turn over just at the start that tangle both Caroline and Jennifer and the ungracious fellows all went sailing off without them.
Caroline Chapin came sailing with us again. Our only near youth—she is pretty much out of that “youth” category. Really outstanding sailing on Saturday and then too much wind on Sunday with the full rig—but needs to learn the vang sheeting. Even if you are sailing the radial, you need to sail flat and fast. Thanks David for bringing the kid—well maybe she came in her own car and brought part of the RC on Sunday.
Tom Rhodes, another of our RC helpers, he brought Carol who helped on Saturday. Tom has climbed up the ladder. Several fourth places and bouncing back and forth with Patrick. We are glad he is not moving to Illinois.
Randy Rea, our instructor from Crystal River and longtime Laser sailor. Randy comes over every now and then and sometimes brings friends that we are always happy to see. Randy makes things more interesting for David and beat him in one of the races on Saturday. He takes a big hit in the scores because he only sailed on Saturday.
Patrick Daniel is moving into the top bracket. He didn’t win any races this week end, but did finish second in the last race and joined that small number of people that had seconds.
Sam was happy to have a couple of seconds on Sunday. He was vang sheeting part of the time and if the wind and built a little more, he would have been looking for his radial sail.
Rob Krentel had his workout over the weekend. Without Alejandro he has had pretty easy pickings with our fleet, but with Randy and David sailing he only managed one bullet--- a lot better than any of the rest of us.
David Chapin was able to come over and bring his high school daughter, beef up the list of competitors, and maybe draw Randy over to sail with us. We hope they can come a lot this summer while school activities are over. If you wonder how he won so many races, it has something to do with time spent in this game.