Friday, October 16, 2009


Portsmouth and Laser weekend. October 10-11, 2009 Portsmouth folks, Ron Stevenot sailing the Omega solo (his regular crew went camping) and his auxiliary crew, Peggy, is holding out for a bigger boat, and Jeffery Hayden sailing a Sunfish only sailed on Saturday.

I threw them in with the Lasers with the corrected time thing and Ron came from 11th to second place in the first race and Jeffery jumped from 8 to 5th. After that they only jumped one or two places in the next three races. So after the four races were put together Ron was 8th and Jeffery 9th.

So we will just call Ron first Portsmouth sailing the Omega and Jeffery second sailing the Sunfish. Good work both of you. As noted above, Peggy Stevenot is pulling for a big boat– like a Flying Scot.

After the races Jeffery switched off with his dad into the Laser. He enjoyed sailing that boat with
the full rig. Smart fellow Jeffery.

Now let us see if you can figure out the Laser scoring sheet for the weekend?
Alejandro Illera 1-3-1-3+1-2-1-1 = 13
Rob Krentel 2-5-2-2+2-1-2-2 = 18
Sam Chapin 5-1-3-5+4-3-4-3 = 28
Marc Solal 9-8-8-8+3-4-3-4 = 47
Luke Yates 3-2-4-1+ 40 =50
Charles Jensen 4-4-6-7+ 40 = 61
Patrick Daniel 7-6-7-4+ 40 = 64
Steve Hayden 6-7-5-6+ 40 = 64
Cameron Smith 10-9-10-10+40 = 79

Let’s start at the top this week. Alejandro won both days. He was never out of the hunt. Always fast downwind. Watch what he is doing and let us get more people going that fast. – flat and bow down going up wind – downwind , by the lee big time, sit way forward and strong windward heel (away from the sail). Remember to save the death roll, steer toward the boom.

Rob was Alejandro’s challenge all weekend. He was always way out there with him and the only one to beat him regularly.

Marc Solal is one of our faithful four that sailed on Sunday. He had a slow day on Saturday, but Sunday he was ahead of Sam a lot of the time. He and Sam were swapping 3rd and 4th while the other two were out in front going for first. The 3rd and 4th guys ended up tied. Sam had the last third and put himself ahead. There has to be some advantage of being the score keeper.

Luke Yates. We were all glad he had something else to do on Sunday. On Saturday he was always with us at the windward mark and smart and fast going downwind.. That is the way he won the last race on Saturday. Luke, just send your dad. next time.

Charlie Jensen came along on Saturday and brought the birthday girl to fill in on RC. Not Sunday, they had family duties, but we are glad to have them anytime they can make it. I still remember the regatta when on a down wind finish, I was trying to blanket Glenda and just cross the finissh line ahead, so I could win. Glenda was sailing off to the side to avoid my blanket and neither of us saw Charlie cross the finish line for the win, while we were chasing each other. Glenda beat me, too.

Patrick Daniel was back with us just like he said he would be. Maybe we should let him win one so he would come more often, but he got a fourth in the last race Saturday. Probably just warming up in the first three.

Steve Hayden had brought Jeffery out with the Sunfish two weeks ago and Steve had sailed a Laser and given Alejandro a run for his money. So this Saturday I thought I gave him a better sail, and not the tired old one with the big patches. Well, I don’t know what happened, but maybe I will start using that old patched sail myself.

Jeffery is sailing with the Lake Monroe Sailing Association Sunfish group. You can see his finishes on . Jeffery’s grand father Fisk Hayden had Andy Forest out sailing a Lightning on Saturday. Fisk is a member here, keeps a Lightning here, and crews some times for Forest on his Precision 21 at Lake Monroe. You can check on their race results on the same blogspot along with our members Aggie and Carlton Brown sailing their SJ 21.

Cameron Smith was the last on the Laser list. Cameron is small and just getting started and did a great job with the full rig and on Saturday we did have some strong winds. Well, look out folks, Luke is small and maybe just getting stated.. That makes two of them and then there is Ben.

AND MANY Thanks to Mary Jensen for stepping in to help with the RC when we needed it. Of course thanks to Joan Bryant who hangs in with us all the time.

Oh yes, and thank you Marjorie Chapin for coming back on Sunday.

We missed all the fun at Ferran Park with the Folk Festival – and the big Saturday afternoon storm. Will try again to show the boat off, when they have the next big event at the park.

AND THEN THURSDAY EVENING.. What about the free week end coming up– who wants a picnic?