Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laser racing for September 25 and 26, 2010.

Lots of ups and downs. Alejandro sailed away from all of us on Saturday and then Ron Baerwitz joined us on Saturday to win the first two races. Rob Krentel won the day by one point leaving Ron and Alejandro tied. The break would go to Ron with the two wins and Alejandro only had one.

The list...
Alejandro Illera2-1-1-1-1+4-2-1-2 =15
Rob Krentel 1-2-2-2-2+2-3-2-1 = 20
Bianca Mesa 4-5-3-3-2+28 ns =45
Sam Chapin 7-7-9-4-4+3-4-4-3 =45
Craig Yates 3-3-5-5-6+28 ns = 50
Ron Baerwitz ns 45 +1-1-3-4= 54
Jerry Beck 6-4-7-7-3+ 28 ns = 55
Tom Rhodes 8-9-4-8-9+5-6-6-6=57
Marc Solal 9-6-8-6-8+6-5-5-5=58

So in spite of taking a hit on Sunday, Alejandro comes out on top by 5 points. What a great Fleet Captain!

Rob had more seconds than anyone around with a bullet on each end of the scoring. Rob sets are marks and calls the races which helps everyone. Thanks Rob!

Bianca Mesa is not allowed to sail on Sunday so she can have her homework done and early for School on Monday, but she got a second place on Saturday (wait, that is supposed to be reserved for Rob) and she was our only woman and youth.

Sam got a 9 on Saturday. I was going around that weather mark – looked around and “gosh” there is no one behind me. But that is alright, I won one of those races on Sunday, except you guys kept going for a seocnd lap.

Coach Craig Yates is really sailing well. He sailed with Sam on Wednesday evening (you are all invited to come also) He got two 3s on Saturday. Moving up.

Ron Baerwitz has been invited to come and sail with us anytime. He is between houses and boats. Recent sale of his Scot to Dean Grimes and Joe Lobato. Interesting idea of co- ownership. We could do that with Laser. One race on Sunday and another on Saturday at half cost.

Jerry Beck is really sailing fast now. 4 and 3 on Saturday and always looking good. He is one of the fellows that can’t come all the time, but adds to the numbers and is working his way up.

Tom Rhodes topped Marc for the weekend, but really took it on the chin on the windy Sunday when Marc beat him three out of four races. We have a plan to overcome that windy handicap.

Marc Solal really climbed out of the cellar on Sunday. He is starting better and doing well up wind. He would have beat me in one of those races, except it was one of the two lappers and I was able to grind him down. He and Tom were one point apart after 9 races.

Catamaran regatta next weekend and then Club racing two weeks in a row. Try to help us keep the numbers up. The more boats on the line the more fun for everybody.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Laser fleet had a busy Labor Day weekend. Trophies for the Summer series went out to everyone except the three not present. Chris Nagy for third Youth, Ben Getchell for second Youth and Alejandro Illera for first. Alejandro was tied with Rob Krentel for the lead, but Alejandro got the nod because of more first places. The Summer Series of 52 races and 23 sailors is posted on the Bulletin board at the club.

Saturday we has five races with good wind at the beginning fading off to poor by noon. The “big boats” only got one race in.

On Saturday we were all ready to take Rob Krentel’s first place away from him as he was off with his family doing something else. We waited and waited, but no wind and the Official Labor Day series went to the Saturday winners. Well Rob and Bianca were not here to celebrate the win, but Luke Yates got his trophy and some prize and had his picture taken with the rest of the winners.

Then on Monday we did it again with eight boats and a light crazy wind. More Trophies and another win by Rob, but let me put down the scores before more comments.

Saturday September

Rob Krentel 1-2-3-1-1 = 8
Luke Yates 5-1-4-2-4 =15
Bianca Mesa 4-4-1-3-3 =15
Sam Chapin 3-3-2-6-6 =20
Jerry Beck 2-5-5-5-5= 22
Charlie Jensen 7-6-6-4-2= 25
Tom Rhodes 6-7-8-7-7 = 35
Marc Solal 8-8-10-nf-ns=44

420s Max and Claire Epaillard 9-7-8-8
Gabriel Mesa and Evan Anthony 10-9-9-9

Rob was kind enough to share his wins with Luke and Bianca. That is really nice to see the first place moving around the fleet. But look out, because Alejandro will be back soon.

Luke and Bianca were tied on score and Luke got the nod because he had a second place.

Jerry Beck got his second place in there at the start and then a string of 5s. I had trouble those last couple of races. When Jerry had 5s I had 6s.

Charlie Jensen was back with us and after practicing in the first few races got a second in the last race. Good work Charles.

Tom Rhodes is moving up in the fleet and bouncing around with Charlie and Marc.

Marc Solal lost his wind indicator and headed in. We lost him in the miserable weather on Monday, but he was smart enough not to come on Saturday. Good thinking Mac.

We were glad to have the 420 come and sail with us, but my the 420 sailor are getting smaller and smaller.. The Epaillard kids were leading at the finish and even beat a Laser in one race.

Gabriel Mesa his first time sailing in the 420 with Evan Anthony. Not bad. They were right with them.

SUNDAY = no wind =no races. You folks that didn’t come were smart, but missed a lot of “visiting”.

MONDAY September 6, 2010 The Laser Invitational. The only visitors were the Scot sailors Dave and Caroline Chapin. Well, they did sail a Scot on Saturday.

Rob Krentel 2-2-2 = 6
Craig Yates 1-3-4 = 8
Dave Chapin ns-1-1= 11
Tom Rhodes 4-6-3 = 13
Sam Chapin 3-5-5 = 13
Caroline Chapin ns-5-6 =20
Luke Yates Nf-4-ns = 22
Marc Solal 5-nf-ns = 23

Well we were sort of waiting for Dave and Caroline to get started, but then they were switching boats because of the resident spider in the “green machine”. Caroline is not sailing with spiders. So they missed the first start. That let Rob win with a full string of seconds on a day when everything seemed tops turvy.

Craig Yates, who coaches on Saturday, showed us how to get way ahead in the first race.. (I think it was the go left thing.) Anyway he was way ahead in the first race and was always up front in the others.

Dave Chapin did his usual “well sailed thing” often making up in boat speed for not getting the last shift. He even was able to get to the pin end in the start of the last race when the wind went really far left. The key here is not to be sailing far from the line in light air and keep looking for the shifts.

Tom Rhodes climbed the ladder a little more with a tie with Sam, which we broke in his favor. So now he is fourth in the field of eight.

But wait if you look at the scores carefully you see two 5s for the second race. That is when Caroline was sailing fast to the finish line just a little ahead of Sam. The sweet little girl trying to burn her grandfather. Nice old grandpa is leeward boat, but has a little room to windward so he heads up just before he thinks he is almost on the line so he can beat that little girl. Grandma calls it a tie, what ever that means. Now the hard part, is there is also a 6 scored for Tom. But if we have two 5s then the next score is 7. Sorry Tom, that drops you down to 5th for the day. Still climbing the Ladder.

Caroline managed to be the first Youth and the First Woman. Carrying off more trophies.

Luke Yates fell in a hole in the wind and didn’t bother to finish the first race. He was way ahead in the second and then the wind turned around and he ended up with 4 and skipped the last race.

Marc Solal does better when there is a little wind. Why do this sailing when it is so miserable? Marc is probably right, but we missed him after the sailing was over.

We had 8 boats Saturday and 8 boats Monday. Bianca Mesa, Charlie Jensen, and Jerry Beck had other business on Monday but Caroline Chapin, David Chapin and Craig Yates joined the sable five. In case you are interested– on Saturday, the MC fleet had eleven boats, Scots nine (really good for them) and Wayfarers two (they are usually up to 3 or four until the snow birds arrive.) We had 8 boats at any start with 12 sailors over the weekend with 8 races. So who has the most action. Well OK, we couldn’t do it with out the support of all the fleets and we are particularly happy to see the Scots doing well. They are the only true crewed class we have and a path for new sailing racers.

Next week Club Racing again and we start the first Fall Series. The wind will be better— a promise.