Monday, November 22, 2010

We really had good winds on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday we managed to get in a triangle course – Marc Solal was tired of just all the up wind and downwind stuff. After the third race on Sunday, I asked Rob if he was going to send us on the triangle and his reply was that we didn’t have enough wind yet. Sam thought plenty of wind and he checked out with the Race Committee and headed in. Young America sailed three more races and had a good time and got the triangle.

The Yates family took advantage of the wind and Alejandro’s absence to rake up the most wins on Saturday with one for Craig and two for Luke while Rob only was able to win the last two.

Finishes corrected time – Luke Yates was sailing a radial both days.

Rob Krentel 3-2-2-1-1 + 1-2-1-1-1-1 = 16
Luke Yates 5-1-1-6-4 + 2-3-2-3-4-3 = 34
Marc Solal 4-6-3-5-3 + 5-4-3-4-2-2= 39
Sam Chapin 2-3-6-2-2 + 3-1-4-ns ns ns= 47
Tom Rhodes 6-5-5-4-5 + 4-5-5-2-3-4 = 48
Craig Yates 1-4-4-3-6 + ns = 64
Claire Epaillard 7-7-7-7-ns+ns = 84

Well Rob set our courses and lead most of the races. The two seconds on Saturday were converted from first place finishes because Luke in the Radial was close behind.

Luke Yates sailed the races on both days and handled the radial well. It was the right sized sail for him on that day. He almost got a win on Sunday, but not quite. On Saturday his total score was one point ahead of Craig.

Marc Solal had his weekend. He was working the starts better and close at the windward mark. On Sunday he had two seconds and is third for the weekend. This is Marc’s best finishes of the year. He and Tom Rhodes have been trading places.

Tom Rhodes was our winner for the weekend last week and I was hoping to get it in the newspaper article – but it didn’t get printed. Somehow Marc sailed over him this weekend, but Tom had a second in the fourth race on Sunday.

Craig Yates is our “Saturday sailor” otherwise he will be finishing ahead of most.

Claire Epaillard was sailing a 4.7 and getting a lot of experience getting around the course, but we need to get some other 4.7 ‘s out with her. It is hard to know if you are doing everything right when you are out there all by yourself..

Craig Yates’ class has a group just ready to join in with us. Craig has asked us to join with them on Saturday afternoon of December 4th (the next club racing). They had 7 Lasers sailing this past Saturday afternoon.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter came on Friday night and we struggling to figure out what to wear when the temp is 55 and wind up to 10 or 12..

Alejandro Illera has taken a few day off for car racing and family activities, but we still had a good group (seven) on Saturday. Scots had seven out also. The Wayfarers were playing safety boat duty. MCs were about ten. Bianca Mesa sailed her radial and Rob Krentel had family stuff on Sunday. So we lost four of our seven sailors on Sunday. We may think again about separate series for Saturday and Sunday. I scored it that way a few years ago and the same people won both ways, so we haven’t done it since.


Tom Rhodes 4-6-6-5-2-4 + 1-2-1-1 = 32
Sam Chapin 3-2-1-1-5-ns +2-1-nf-ns = 39
Rob Krentel 1-1-1-2-3-1 + 32 =41
Craig Yates 5-3-3-4-3-3 + 32 =53
Bianca Mesa 6-4-4-2-4-2 + 32 =54
Marc Solal 7-7-ns +3-3-2-2 = 56
Patrick Daniel 2-5-5-6-6-ns+32 =64

Now we have Tom Rhodes coming out on top. Great and a Thank You to Alejandro and Rob for missing and letting the rest of us in. Tom has been our Iron Man with the most days sailing this Summer and on Saturday he and Rob sailed with the “big boats” long second race after they got finished with our six races.

Sam thought he might have won the weekend, but you can’t chicken out on races and still have a victory. Yes, some of the big gusts in the third race Saturday sent him in. Chickened out both days.

Rob Krentel collected the most first places and complained he had trouble hearing the starters horn. The LESC race committee has extra power horns, and we have one now. We will see how it works.

Craig Yates collected the most third places and sailed over to start the long race with the “big boats”, but couldn’t sail the whole race as he had the high school sailing classes in the afternoon. Luke’s arm continues to improve and we hope to have him back with us soon.

Bianca Mesa sailed well with her radial. She had the most second places. When I checked her corrected times she came closer to all those ahead of her, but didn’t pass anyone. She was our first woman and first youth. Sorry I forgot to get that in the news release.

Marc Solal had a good time on Sunday. He and Tom were laughing about all the swimming and sailing on Sunday. Sunday was his sort of day and he was leading in the first race, until he turned over in one of the wicked header gusts that we were having.

Patrick Daniel sailed well on Saturday with a second place but he got almost wiped out on that really fast run in the 5 th race that convinced Sam and Patrick that we needed more windy day practice, but maybe on a warmer day.

Next Laser racing in 2 weeks.