Monday, October 21, 2013

Laser finishes for October 19, 2013   Sunday D. Chapin and V. Renzoni sailed the course but no race.

Rob Krentel    2-1-1    4

David Chapin  1-3-2    6

Jerry Beck        3-4-3    10

Vince Renzoni  5-2-4    11

Leah Harper      4-5-ns   23

Cameron Smith

420                     6-7-ns   27

Leon  Edge                 13-6-ns  33

Nicole Tullo

420                    7-nf-ns  35

Claire Epaillard

420                    8-nf-ns   36

Dashiell  Dettman           9-nf-ns   37

Daniel Rusin    10-nf-ns   38

Julia  Galpin                 11-nf-ns   39

Alex Brito                   12-nf-ns   40

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Laser finishes for October 12, 2013   No races on Sunday 10-13-13   Places modified by corrected time.

Rob Krentel      1-2-2-3             8

Vince Renzoni 3-3-3-2             11

David Chapin   ns-1-1-1            16

David Hastings 5-4-5-4              18

Sam Chapin     4-5-4-nf              26

Cameron Verkiak

420                   2-6-7-ns             28

Leah Harper    8-7-6-ns              34

Nicole Tullo

420                  7-8-9-ns              37

Claire Epaillard

420                6-9-10-ns              38

Alex Brito     9-11-8-ns               41

Daniel Rusin          10-10-11-ns             44

Leon Edge      11-12-12-ns         48     

Leon sailed the only 4.7 and in the light wind was always the last, but he hung in for all the first three races.

Daniel sailed the radial laser and is getting more experience. 

Alex had a really good day as his first day out sailing with us.

Claire was sailing a 420 or she probably would be a lot closer to the top.

Nicole sailing a 420 was just one point ahead of Claire.

Leah was the first youth Laser and sailing a radial.

Cameron had the 420 going and with time correction jumped to second place in the first race.  

Sam dropped out of the last race when it was so slow and home was closer than the finish.

David Hasting joined us for Saturday and will try to make it back next week.

David Chapin was late for the first race and won the other three.

Vince got three threes and a second.   His best weekend.

Rob Continues to led our group.  Good work, Rob.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Laser finishes for September 28 and 29, 2013     Saturday short courses with youth and Sunday with “big boats”.

David Chapin 2-1-1-1-1+1-1-1-1            10

Rob Krentel    1-2-2-2-2+4-2-3-3            21

Jerry Beck       3-4-3-3-3+2-3-2-2            25

Vince Renzoni 4-5-6-5-4+3-4-4-4           39

Claire Epaillard  5-7-4-6-ns+ns                52

Bailey Verkaik  420  ns-6-5-4-ns+ns       55

Daniel Rusin       6-8-7-7-ns+ns               58

Sam Chapin      ns-3-nf-ns-ns-ns+ns       63

Nicole Tullo 420  ns-nf-ns-ns-ns+ns      70

We had a separate start for Optis and lost the times so no time correction or our youth would show up a lot better.

We had a lot of wind that probably kept Nicole and Kaitlin from finishing races.  The wind chased Sam in but everyone else hung in there. 

Dan is really doing well now.

Bailey managed to sail the 420 into 4th without a time correction.  Some job.

Claire was our first youth again as well as the first woman.

Vince sailed in all the races and beat Rob in the first race with “big boats “on Sunday.

Jerry Beck was third on Saturday, but moved into second on Sunday.     

Rob slipped a little on Sunday but was the only one to beat David in a race on the weekend.

David won 8 of the 9 races.  Somehow just a little faster than the rest.