Monday, June 14, 2010

What a great weekend we had racing! Ten sailors out, including Randy Rea from Crystal River and he was able to bring Eric Jr. along with him. Dave Chapin was present and we hope to see him more this Summer. Alejandro was one point ahead of Rob on Saturday and Rob got him by one point on Sunday so our two regular top guys were tied. Rob gets the nod because he had one bullet. Two days of racing an no bullets for Alejandro, but no bad races. We sailed in close to the club and that made it possible for Richard Kinnie to take some great pictures of the racing.

Dave Chapin ns-1-1-2-1+3-1-1-1-1=22
Rob Krentel 4-4-4-3-4+1-2-3-3-2=30
Alejandro Illera 3-5-3-4-3+2-3-2-2-3=30
Randy Rea 1-2-2-1-2+50 =58
Patrick Daniel 5-8-9-8-6+5-4-4-5-5=59
Marc Solal 7-10-6-5-7+4-5-6-6-4=60
Tom Rhodes 8-9-10-10-10+6-6-5-4-6=74
Jerry Beck 6-3-8-6-5+50 =78
Craig Yates 2-7-5-7-8+ 50 =79
Eric Jr. 9-6-7-9-9+50 =90

Eric Jr has sailed with us before. Randy has brought both Eric Sr and Eric Jr in the past. Eric’s best race was a 6 and he was never last. He was in that good mix in the back end of the fleet. And a bunch of photo finishes.

Craig Yates took the Kelly boat that doesn’t have any of the new controls and took a second in the first race. Way to go chief sailing instructor.

Jerry Beck was one of the first ones out on Saturday and the heat really got to him, but don’t feel too sorry for him. Look at that three in the seocnd race. Not may of us that beat both Rob and Alejandro in the same race.

Tom Rhodes has been sailing Chutzpah, who is leaking again. We almost have Orion Taylor’s old boat lined up for him. He sailed Sam’s boat on Sunday and we think did a little better. He is a windy day sailor and this weekend was a tricky one.

Marc Solal continues to improve. He is showing up in the top group more and more. He was just one point behind Patrick for the weekend.

Patrick Daniel was back with us from his big boat sailing. We are pleased to see him back. He is suffering from the light wind and the holes with no wind..

Randy Rea won the Saturday series and takes a big hit of 50 points for not coming on Sunday. We love Randy anyway–he has taught us so much about Laser sailing.

Poor Alejandro Illera without any first place finishes. Our Fleet Captain or board representative or something. It was that last race on Sunday that Rob beat him and to tie the weekend, so those two start the Summer tied.

Rob Krentel sailing with his old striped sail and picking out the zones of pressure better than most of the others. So we had a great mix at the top and the bottom.

The RC was glad to see Dave Chapin back sailing with us. Hope he can continue to show up and bring Caroline C along with him. If you other folks worry about all the first places, you have to pay your dues in this business (sport) and a lot of it is time in the boat.

Thanks to Maribel Illera who offered to be on RC for Saturday, but couldn’t make it. We appreciate the attempt. It fitted in well, because Sam was in no shape to go sailing. And then we appreciate Joan Bryant’s regular service. Especially when she doesn’t come, we really miss her. And then Marjorie– well that is just the “Head Nurse” thing. She likes giving the orders to everyone.

Treasure coast thing next Saturday at Melbourne and Sailstice at LESC Saturday and Sunday. Laser racing again the following weekend. It never seems to stop.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Monday, May 31, 2010 was a good day for the Lake Eustis Laser Fleet. We had 14 boats out on the course. We had 14 once before, but that was our record number. Our regular RC. Rob set the marks. Scott Tellima was the observation boat. 5 of our regular adults, 4 youth with full rigs, 2 Flying Scot guest and 2 MC scow guests, and the fourteenth was Kevin Ratigan. Kevin sails with us occasionally and Andy Fox encourage to come over Monday and sail with us. Actually Ray Laguna and Andy Fox of the Flying Scot folks have had a lot of time in Lasers. Ray was given the soft yellow boat that he gave to the YF. That is (Laguna I) but we just call it the yellow boat. He bought another Laser that Martin bought for the YF, that is Laguna II. Then he bought the 190,000 red striped boat, sailed it a little and sold that to Aaron Arnold.. I don’t know how many Lasers Andy has had, but he sailed Lasers for a number of years.

Alejandro Illera 3-3-2-4-3-3 18
Andy Fox 1-2-nf-1-2-1 19
Ben Getchell 6-4-1-2-4-4 21
Kevin Ratigan 4-1-6-3-8-5 27
Rob Krentel 8-6-3-5-5-2 29
Jerry Beck 10-5-5-7-1-6 34
Ray Laguna 2-11-4-8-12-nf 53
Luke Yates 11-10-9-6-10-8 54
Seth Bahr 12-7-13-11-6-7 56
John Houck 7-9-8-10-7-ns 56
Cameron Smith 9-13-11-9-9-9 60
Robert Newlin 5-12-7-nf-ns-ns 69
Tom Rhodes 14-14-12-12-11-10 73
Sam Chapin 13-8-10-ns-ns-ns 76

Tom Rhodes has been one of our regulars and we are planning to get him a better boat this week, so expect him to be climbing up the ladder.

Robert Newlin came up from Puerto Rico about the same time Marjorie and I joined the club. He had been sailing J24, I think, down there. He did Scots here for a year or two and is charging to the front of the MC scows now. He had my old red boat. He had to the “set it and sail it” controls. Did a 5th in the first race and then things began coming apart on the old boat. We are glad to know what needs fixing, so thank you, Robert.

Cameron Smith has been one of our regular youth sailors and bouncing around with different rigs. Today he hung in there with the full rig. It looks like he had that 9th place cornered.

John Houck just wanted to try a Laser, when no one was watching, and here we are reporting it. He had the Kelly boat of the YF with the old “set and sail” controls. He was right in the middle of the fleet and did well. Usually we give people just trying out the boat one of the 4.7 sails first so they can get used to moving from side to side, without too much swimming. Full rig and he did fine. Next time we will find him a boat with controls he can set and fine tune.

Seth Bahr was tied with John on points, but moved ahead of Mr. MC with that 6th place. Seth is another that may have suffered a little with the full rig because of being lighter on a windy day. If they have the controls, vang sheeting is good practice because no mater which sail you use some of the time you will be overpowered and can use the practice.

Luke Yates with his own Laser and now the M17 youth skipper– another of the light guys working hard. He was our second place Youth. Sorry we didn’t have separate youth trophies.

Ray Laguna was sailing the red strip boat. Ray had a 2 in the first race and a 4 in the third. That was a good as Alejandro could do. Ray is the current Flying Scot champ. He was sailing MCs when Sam was. He is off with the Catalina 22 group when ever they have a big show and a few years ago was mixing it up with the Melges 24.

Jerry Beck is our favorite boat polisher, and then we caught him out practicing on Sunday with a win in the team racing. Now look out— he got his first first place. On a day when Alejandro didn’t win a race.

Rob Krentel was distracted by the water skiing. He had a 3 and a 2, but got hit with a 8 and 6. If you didn’t like the course, it is Rob’s fault.

Kevin Ratigan often comes over and dusts us off with his radial rig, but he did the full rig today. He got one of the bullets, but got caught in traffic a couple of time. On the short course stuff you need the start and clear some of the traffic on that first beat.

Ben Getchell has been on the racing motor boat construction thing and we are glad to see him back. He got one of the other first places and had a 2 to go with it. He was bit by that 6 in the first race.

Andy Fox got three firsts , two seconds and a DNF.. Fortunately Sam gave him a boat that the rachet block would pullout of, otherwise he would have won our gorgeous first place trophy. He says he hasn’t sailed a Laser for a lot of years, but that it still feels the same.

Alejandro for the first time in ages didn’t win a race. Averaged 3rd place to win, one point ahead of Andy. The first three boats were three points apart. Considering it was a borrowed boat that came apart on Andy (actually it was the hiking strap that tore out from under the rachet block) we could have given him redress. Well, no, we don’t give him any. After all Alejandro is our guy.

Andy did use the extra piece of line that I have tied into the back of the hiking strap to tie the front of it back in. Thank you, Randy Rea.