Monday, August 22, 2011

AUGUST 30 AND 21, 2011

The prediction was for light winds this past weekend, but it was better. We managed five races on Saturday and six on Sunday. Sam report ten to the newspaper, but you can’t always trust old guys to be able to count well. Eight sailors each day and nine altogether. Jerry Beck came on Saturday and Caroline Chapin on Sunday.
Alejandro Illera 2-2-2-2-2+1-1-4-2-1-2 =21
Rob Krentel 1-3-3-3-4+3-2-3-3-3-3 =31
Dave Chapin ns-1-1-1-1+ns-ns-1-1-2-1=32
Sam Chapin 4-4-4-8-3+2-3-2-4-5-4 =43
Patrick Daniel 3-5-5-6-7+4-4-5-6-4-8 =57
Tom Rhodes 6-7-6-5-8+5-5-6-5-7-6 = 66
Jerry Beck 5-6-7-4-5+ 54 =81
Marc Solal 7-8-8-7-6+6-ns-ns-ns-ns-5=84
Caroline Chapin 45+ns-ns-7-7-6-7=86
That is the end of our summer, but these races are not going to count for anything. I finished up our summer two weeks ago so we could have our own trophy presentations. In two weeks the Labor Day series and after that the Kennan starts.
Now back to sailors. We were glad to get Caroline away from the horse thing. She was a little overpowered in the gusts with the full rig, but rusty from most of the summer off. She should be able to manage the gusts we had—sheet out to keep boat flat and some super vang to keep the mast bent.
Marc Solal had an interesting weekend. Finished up Saturday beating two in the last race and on Sunday, he had a little cruise and then came back with a fifth in the last race--- that one was almost a fourth as he led Sam around the leeward mark and was almost laying the finish, but Sam managed to sneak in ahead.
Jerry Beck is one of our middle fleet people. On Saturday just one point behind Patrick for the day. It is really great to have him sailing with us so that three or four of us are all coming together at the marks and at the finish line.
Tom Rhodes is doing better downwind and moved up with a bunch of 5’s on Sunday. Good going, Tom.
Patrick Daniel continues to charge up to the top of the heap. He had a 3 on Saturday and some 4’s on Sunday.
Sam had better starts particularly on Sunday. That helps a lot. Then he noticed that we had big left shifts up near the windward mark and that helped him. If you don’t know which way to go in the northern hemisphere, it should be toward the right. The gradient wind should come from that direction and it did a lot later in the afternoon. But don’t count on that stuff at Lake Eustis.
Dave Chapin came a little late on both days and racked up a lot of bullets. Starts and sailing fast to the shifts I think is what does it for him.
Rob Krentel and Alejandro continue being linked together. Rob was on top last race weekend and he won the first race on Saturday but then Alejandro topped him the rest of the day. On Sunday Rob just didn’t have enough wind to grind him down.
Alejandro Illera is always sailing flat and fast. He usually plays the wind shifts correctly. Watch him if you want to sail better.
Joan Bryant continues to run our race committee. Rob’s mother helped on Saturday and visited with everyone. Robin was back on Sunday and brought Joan because the little Yellow Car went to Orlando to get fixed. It will be coming back all OK on Tuesday.
The trophy presentation was a big success. Past Commodore Gene Day made it over to the club and had a good visit. The cake and ice cream is almost gone and I expect the rest of it will disappear this coming Saturday when the Youth are sailing.

Monday, August 8, 2011


August 6 and 7, 2011 We had four races on Saturday in patchy winds and then four on Saturday in brisk winds with occasional gust bringing in some white caps. Twelve sailors over the two days with twelve on Sunday. That was probably our record Sunday.
Rob Krentel 2-4-2-2+2-1-2-3 = 18
Alejandro Illera 1-2-4-3+3-3-3-2 = 21
Dave Chapin ns-1-1-1+1-4-1-4 =24
Sam Chapin 6-3-3-5+5-5-5-5= 37
Jerry Beck 7-5-5-4+6-8-8-8= 51
Patrick Daniel 5-8-9-6+7-6-6-6= 53
Tom McNally 44+4-2-4-1= 55
Tom Rhodes 3-6-7-7+9-7-nf-7 = 59
Vince Renzoni 4-7-8-9+8-9-9-10= 64
Marc Solal ns-9-6-8+10-nf-10-nf=80
Dean Grimes 44+ ns-10-7-9 = 83
Jon Chapin ns-10-10-10+11-11-ns-ns=89
Jon Chapin is Dave Chapin’s son that goes to U of Alabama. He has sailed Lasers some but not in races, so we are glad to have him out with us. On Sunday he missed two races when the old outhaul on his boom let go, but he and Dave sailed through storms and multiple capsizes in the afternoon. He will be a lot tougher next time out.
Dean Grimes was one of the Flying Scot sailors that comes to visit with us on Sundays and brings Nancy Petty to help with RC. Nancy has some health issues that will be addressed more this week and we wish her a good outcome.
Marc Solal continues one of our good connections to the international scene. He and Claire Ephraim being our French citizens. Marc struggles with the leaky boat, has some good starts, and then gets hammered in the later stages of the races. We just have to encourage him to keep coming. Work forward in the boat and heel more down wind.
Vince Renzoni is on loan from the MC scows. We are glad to have him. Sally R. is a sailor and we will try to get her in a Laser.
Tom Rhodes has made his move up the ladder, but the wind up on Sunday gave him a little more experience in more wind. It makes it a little different game.
Tom McNally, the other on loan from the Flying Scot fleet and one of the two extra sailors that come on Sunday. He is really a Laser sailor before the Scot. He had a first in the last race on Sunday and was third overall in the Sunday scoring, but down to 7 for the weekend. He drove away Sunday with a Laser on top of his car and towing a Scot.
Patrick Daniel had moved up pushing Sam out of third place in our group of regulars, but he slipped a little. He had the string of 6’s on Sunday and just missing out to Jerry Beck on Jerry’s light air races Saturday.
Jerry Beck was with us both days. That moved him ahead of Patrick. He had a 4th in the last race on Saturday. He looked fast when he sailed by me.
Sam is happy to be in fourth for the weekend.
Dave Chapin got distracted on Sunday and interrupted his string of bullets. I think he will live through it.
Alejandro Illera had his helpers on the Committee boat on Saturday and was able to win that day, but the bunch on Sunday didn’t let him win any of the races.
Rob Krentel was overjoyed with a win for the weekend with Alejandro, Dave, and Tom McNally present. He only won one race but had 5 seconds in 8 races.
What sort of problems did we have? Brisk winds and some dnfs. If it was death rolls, then remember not to have the sail way out by the lee. If you start to roll steer toward the sail and the rudder should dig in the water and help you straighten up.
In that sort of chop on Sunday, be sure to keep the “bow down” so you power through the chop. If the waves are bigger then it is steering up the upside and down the down side. When we were in the gusts, there was enough wind and chop to stop you in irons, so have the boat moving and tack quickly in a flat spot or on top of a wave. Try to keep the boat flat.
Keep checking the wind and the line before the start. We had some changes in the last minute or so.
Anything else that we should address?