Monday, July 23, 2012

 Laser Races July 21 and 22, 201

We were lucky.  It was to be a light wind weekend, but we had great wind on Saturday and not bad on Sunday.

Sam Chapin       ns-1-1-1-1-1-2+2-3-2-3-2       19

Jerry Beck           1-3-2-2-3-2-1+3-4-5-1-3         30

Vince Renzoni    2-2-3-3-4-5-4+5-5-4-6-5         48

David Chapin                           Ns+1-2-1-2-1        49

Tom Smith         3-4-5-4-2-4-5+ns                        57

Charlie Jensen                         ns+4-1-3-4-4         58

Logan Steuben                    ns-6 +ns-6-6-5-6       64

Chris Nagy        ns-ns-4-5-5-3-3+ns                       68

Chris Nagy sailed a radial and was a little late and missed the first two races.  
We took times and after correcting he didn’t pick up anybody, but in that last race he had me at the leeward mark because he was just behind me but on corrected time I was just 6 hundredths of a minute ahead of him.   Craig Yates has suggested that we have the 4.7 start at 2 minutes and the radial at one minute.   I think we can let them make the choice.  Getting out ahead will solve some of the problems of sailing through the full rigs.  Notice that without time correction Chris beat full rigs.

Logan Steuben hasn’t sailed a Laser in 20 years.  Welcome back Logan.

Charlie Jensen joined us again on Sunday and did you notice that he won a race.

Tom Smith has sailed two Saturdays with us and managed one second.  Good going Tom.  Tom’s last name is not Smith --- more like Pizza – I will let you know later.

David Chapin got back on Sunday from his trips around Florida and will be off again next weekend. We are always happy to see him—a lot of talk on the course and advice.  Dose everyone know what “bow down” means?  And then it helps Sam know “OK we must have changed to A course”.

Vince Renzoni was doing well on Saturday.  A lot of seconds and thirds.  On Sunday with a little lighter wind, the finishes dropped a little. Maybe more bow down and long tack first.  But HEY, you were third for the weekend and hopefully we will have your name in the newspaper.

Jerry Beck was able to join us on both days and managed wins on both days. He is one of our leaders. 

Sam had a good day on Saturday.  A wind he really liked.  On Sunday he had some close fishes and was just lucky to do that well.   Also it helps to be able to get out and sail between race weekends.  If you want to come out and sail in company give me a call.  I live close by and like sailing.

Richard Kinnie came out and sailed his MC with us on Saturday.   There is no reason others can’t come and join us.  We can give you a start a minute before the Lasers so you will have practice of
start, working upwind, mark rounding, and finish.  If you bring two boats it will be a match race, but no pre start attacks.

Then the marks are out there in the afternoon, so if you want a little short course it is there.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lake Eustis Sailing Club Laser races July 7 and 8, 2012

Wind very light and spotty both days, worse on Saturday, but four races each day.

Rob Krentel     2-2-2-3+1-3-2-1         16

Sam Chapin     3-3-3-4+2-1-1-2          20

Jerry Beck        5-5-4-2+3-2-3-3          27

Vince Renzoni 4-4-5-6+4-4-4-4          35

David Chapin   1-1-1-1+ns                   36

Tom Smith        6-7-6-5+ns                   56

Jon Chapin        7-6-7-7+ns                    59

Jon Chapin had a tough day.  He has been doing better generally, but this heeling to leeward and sitting forward really hard for him with all the strange light wind.  The tough stuff to learn—really light wind and really heavy.

Tom Smith sailed with us for the first time.  He will sail with us again Saturday in two weeks and we will find him a better sail.

David Chapin shows us how to do it.  Weight forward and down to leeward. Sheet out as necessary to keep the boat moving.  Speed is King.  It is a race.

Vince Renzoni is doing better.  Lead Jerry in the first two races Saturday and always closer in the others.

Jerry Beck was able to join us on both days and was able to get one second place on both days.   The second on Sunday was just a foot ahead of Rob.  Jerry is another that does a little better when the wind is up a little.

Sam was a point ahead on the Sunday sailing, probably due to Rob staying back and giving instruction to Vince on which way to go.  Sam tried to link the patches of dark water to get up to the windward mark and then got a couple of breaks on the last wind shifts.  He also was careful to clear up the twists in his sheet between races, one of the things that gave him a lot of trouble on Saturday.

Rob Krentel continues to lead the overall group.  Mostly better starts, tacks and sailing fast.  I will be out looking for Alejandro so we can keep Rob entertained.

Thanks to Race Committee, Joan Bryant, Sally Renzoni and Nancy Petty.

Racing again in two weeks.