Monday, September 26, 2011

A short report for September 25, 2011. We only had six boats out. No wind and no races on Saturday. Rob went out twice to set marks, but not enough wind to tell which way was up wind.

But still on Sunday the MCs only had six boats, Scots five and Wayfarers three.

So the summary:

Alejandro Illera 1-1

Sam Chapin 4-2

Rob Krentel 2-4

Marc Solal 3-5

Vince Renzoni 6-3

Dave Mains 5-6

Dave Mains had his new old boat and did well. The light wind was really miserable and at the second start he sat in one of those holes with no wind while everyone else went off sailing.

Vince sailed his new really old boat and look at that third in the second race. Way to go Vince.

Marc Solal our heavy air sailor had a third in the first race and that one was really light air.

Rob was really sailing that second race in his usual position of second, but on the run he was following Alejandro over to the downwind left, where you could see some more wind building. Sam and Vince got some separation by sailing more or less toward the finish line and we got a little more breeze that just filled in behind us and left Rob out to the left between the breezes so he ended up fourth.

Alejandro continues to sail fast and tack well on the little headers and sit forward in the light air. You will have to do that if you want to be up ahead in light air. Alejandro’s daughter, Genesis, helped Joan with the RC so we are not angry over his win.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Treasure Coast Laser series races at Lake Eustis Sailing Club was a boost and a bust. A boost to the growing Laser fleet and a bust for getting together the Laser sailors of the Florida and particularly the East Coast. David Hartman was the “only outsider” that showed up, but we did have “local sailors” from Longwood, Winter springs, Winter Park, Apopka, Sorrento, Mt Dora, as well as Eustis. Eleven boat all together. Eight full rigs and three Radials. Five races in 3 hours with winds from 6 to 12 MPH minus a few holes with no wind. Generally a pretty good afternoon. Note that David Hartman came from behind in the last race to nip Alejandro for second place.

Dave Chapin 1-1-1-1-2 6

David Hartman 4-3-2-4-1 14

Alejandro Illera 2-2-3-2-5 14

Rob Krentel 3-4-4-3-3 17

Patrick Daniel 6-6-7-5-4 28

Jerry Beck 7-5-5-6-nf 32

Tom Rhodes 8-7-6-7-6 34

Marc Solal 5-8-8-ns-ns 39

Bailey Verkaik (Radial) 1-1-2-1-1 6

Darcy Jensen (Radial) 2-2-3-2-2 11

Claire Epaillard (Radial) nf-3-1-3-3 14

Monday, September 12, 2011

Laser weekend- September-10-11, 2011

Light winds but good on Saturday with 12 boats sailing and four races. Eight boats on Sunday with a real struggle for wind and three races. The “big boats” didn’t get any races in, dying wind on Saturday and never tried on Sunday.

Alejandro Illera 1-1-1-2+1-1-1 8

Sam Chapin 5-3-3-3+6-3-2 25

Tom Rhodes 6-5-7-4+4-4-6 36

Luke Yates 4-4-4-1+27 40

Marc Solal 9-8-2-5+5-7-7 40

Dave Mains 10-9-6-7+8-6-5= 51

Chris Nagy 2-2-10-nf+27 54

Claire Epaillard 7-10-9-6+27 58

Rob Krentel 52+2-2-3 59

Cameron Smith 8-6-5-nf+27 59

Patrick Daniel 52+3-5-4 64

Bailey Carter 11-7-8-nf+27 66

Jerry Beck 3-nf-ns-ns+27 69

Vince Renzoni 52+7-8-8= 75

Michael Gapuz 12-nf-ns-ns+27 78

Fifteen sailors so this is a long story. Michael loves sailing a Laser and Jerry Beck spend an hour or so sailing with him Saturday.

Vince is bouncing between boats. He sailed his MC on Saturday, but they didn’t get a race finished.

Jerry Beck has turned into one of our instructors. Keep coming Jerry.

Bailey Carter is an old friend. Keep coming and hopefully we will get you a better boat.

Patrick is working his way up to the top of the fleet.

Cameron Smith, another old friend, we expect will be sailing with us at least on Saturday.

Rob Just missed Saturday sailing and took a 52 in his score for missing those four races.

Claire is our first woman and the third youth. I hope we get her name in the newspaper again.

Chris sailed in three races and had two seconds. That is really very good. His mother was on the RC. Do you suppose?

Dave Mains is sailing a little better all the time, but this light wind stuff is hard to do.

Mark Solal—look at that second place and a COUPLE OF 5s from our heavy air specialist.

Luke is back sailing with us. Look out, up at the top. The youth are coming.

Tom has climbed into third spot with no really bad finishes.

Rob was gone for a day so Sam was able to get up into second place for the weekend.

Alejandro did it again. Almost a clean sweep of bullets, but Luke took the last race Saturday.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Labor Day weekend. 2011. Lots to report. Saturday and Sunday 11 Laser sailors in 11 races. Add the Monday racing now we have 14 sailors in 19 races. So let’s start with the regular scoring.

Alejandro Illera 2-1-1-1-2-1+2-1-3-3-2 =19

Rob Krentel 1-3-2-3-1-2+3-4-1-2-3 =25

Sam Chapin 5-ns-7-2-4-4+4-6-4-4-5 =53

Dave Chapin 48+1-3-2-1-1 =56

Jerry Beck 7-4-4-5-5-5+6-7-5-5-6 =59

Ron Baerwitz 3-2-3-7-3-3+50 =71

Patrick Daniel 48+5-2-6-6-4 =72

Charlie Jensen 4-5-6-4-ns-ns+ns-5-8-7-8 =74

Dave Mains 6-6-5-6-ns-ns+9-10-10-8-10=86

Vince Renzoni 48+7-8-9-9-7 =88

Marc Solal 48+8-9-7-10-9 =91

Marc missed Saturday helping with his son’s school project and then on Sunday he was beating a lot of people. He was our big hero on Monday. Read below.

Vince had a weekend of sailing. Friday night with Sam and Jim Rotella down at the park before the fireworks. It was a great night. Then MC on Saturday and Laser on Sunday and Monday.

Dave Mains did great. His first racing in 43 years and only about the third time sailing a Laser. Saturday was a lot of wind that sent him in early, but back Sunday and more comfortable with a little less wind. He will be sailing with us and Barby, his wife, helped with RC both Saturday and Sunday.

Charlie Jensen skipped a couple of races on Saturday to go sail with the MCs. He would have less trouble with the Wayfarers. We have that deal with them, that if you want to sail a longer race, go at noon and join in the Wayfarers second or third race.

Patrick had a second in the Sunday racing and finished fourth behind the top three fast folks on that day and then he almost won the big prize on Monday.

Ron sailed one of the old boats on Saturday and was always there with Alejandro and Rob at the head of the pack. We are glad to have him come anytime.

Jerry Beck sailed both days and was always there in the 4 and 5 spot. He wants a little North U kind of thing after the racing and I think we will add that on Saturday after racing. It would be nice to include the other classes, but with their three races schedule it is too much to ask. They will have to do their own.

Dave and Caroline Chapin won all three Scot races on Saturday and then Caroline abandoned her father and sent him to the laser group where he was able to win three races also. Almost the big winner of the weekend.

Sam was able to hang on to third place because he sailed both days. Showing up is half the battle. He and Vince sailed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. No wonder on Monday he was wondering, “Why am I getting up early to go sail?”

Well, Rob was close, but not able to catch Alejandro. He was a ton of points above everyone else.

Alejandro our big winner again. Good tacks, sailing flat, sailing fast and not too often on the wrong wind shift.

Joan Bryant our RC. Don’t forget her and Barby Mains both Saturday and Sunday. Thank you both.

Now the excitement of Monday. First of all.. This was the Laser Invitational race so the “big boat “guys could come and race one of the little ones. We had no takers. I don’t think we did last year either. Vince Renzoni did sail with us. But he doesn’t really count as he has been sailing with us this summer.

The wind prediction was 10 to 20 and when we arrived a few white caps are forming. Craig Yates has come. Patrick Daniel is there. We talk it over and decide it is Radial rig day. Youth, Claire Epaillard and Evan Anthony have come and are smart enough to rig 4.7s. We put Vince in a 4.7. Marc Solal comes and decides on a full rig. That is great—we will have a little comparison. One Full, three Radial and three 4.7. Robin is helping Joan with RC and they will be taking times. Rob is not coming, so Craig put the marks out. A really short course right in front of the club.

Craig Yates 4-2-1-1-3-3-2-1=18

Patrick Daniel 1-1-5-4-2-2-3-3=21

Marc Solal 2-4-3-3-4-4-nf-1 =29

Claire Epaillard 5-3-4-2-7-5-1-4=31

Sam Chapin 3-5-2-ns-1-1-nf-ns=36

Evan Anthony 6-6-6-5-6-7-4-6=46

Vince Renzoni 7-7-7-ns-5-6-5-5=50

Vince was figuring it out toward the end of the morning.

Evan was hanging in there with the old soft yellow boat. Slow in the waves.

Sam was happy to be in the radial rig.

Claire received the first Woman trophy. She corrected to first place in the seventh race and to third in the second race. She wanted the First youth trophy also, but we hand that one to Evan and “Old Yellow”.

Marc won the last race. Hurrah for the full rig.

Patrick won the first two races and then let Craig get away from him. No, mostly it was just sailing the wind and the waves and short course.

Craig came out of retirement to show us how to do it. He has all the sailing lessons and is the

Soccer coach. We are lucky to have him.

Lots of white caps, chop and fast planning. Maybe next year we will do it again.