Sunday, April 12, 2009

The wind was up with lots of white caps for the Lake Eustis session of the Treasure Coast 2009 Saturday afternoon races. Then the wind faded a little by race time, but was a good steady wind by Lake Eustis standards. There was also plenty of the 18 inch chop.
Eric Robbins came over from Davis Island and has come down from Cedar Point YC in Connecticut. After the first race he rolled up the regatta with 2-2-1-1-1 in the last 5 races of the six race affair. I tried to find him on the Cedar Point YC thing , but turned up some other interesting Laser stuff that I will try to get on my
Dave Chapin was second with only one win, while the guy that wrote the book on Laser Sailing, Dick Tillman, was third with most of the second places. We see Dick a lot at Lake Eustis when he borrows a boat for the MC regattas, but now he is getting one of those new 190,000 Lasers.
Randy Rea is one of our favorites from Crystal River and comes to sail with us when he has a chances and brings 2 Eric Eastmans with him. If you need to get your numbers up get Randy to come. Two months ago we had Randy, the Erics, and Dave and Caroline Chapin and our number was up to 14 sailing. Randy cornered more of the fourths and was fourth.
David Hartman, who organizes all of this had two firsts and finished fifth. How did he do that??
First Woman and second radial was Cindy Taylor.
First Youth and first 4.7 and last 4.7 was Seth Bahr, a beginning Laser sailor moving from 420 crew, hung in there for all the races. And big smiles.
Those were the trophy winners.
Travis Ouellette sailed into sixth place and just out of trophy zone and just missed the Youth thing because he is a year too old. You will see him again.
Alejandro Illera our regular local leader (when Dave Chapin is sailing the Scot) was number seven sailing his full rig. He had his radial on when he saw the wind fad a little about 12:30 and changed back to the full.
John Fox is one of the regulars from Melbourne and is sailing his new 190,000 boat, but was tied with LESC local board sailing champion Rob Krentel. Rob got a 7 in the last race to put him ahead. So Rob was 8th and John was 9th. That put Alejandro and Rob right next to each other. In our club races, half way up the beat they are out in front, covering each other. Today they had half of the fleet ahead and half behind– lots of fun for those of us watching.
Kevin Ratigan was the first radial followed by Cindy and Mike Taylor. They were 10- 11 and 12. At LESC we have been doing Portsmouth with corrected times. Sorry we don’t have times on these because it might be interesting. If you come and sail with us in club races we will do it and see if you are knocking down the big shots. For the 4.7 we have been using 95.5 and I think I may go up to 100 till the "youths" take all the trophies.
Dean Grimes is back with us sailing Lasers, so this was juts a warm up for him. Thirteenth place and no trophy.
Eric Eastman came with Randy from Crystal River sailed all the races, advanced his sailing skills, and had a good time. Fourteen.
Seth Bahr was 15 over all, but I told you about him above.
Jerry Beck ,16, and Marc Solal, 17, sailed the first two races. This is more wind than they are comfortable with, but they got out and did some. Then Jerry went blasting around on fast reaches . The things that in early Laser sailing was the most fun. Later I saw him test riding on the old E scow that the scow sailors are patching together for the Mug Race next month. Jerry, were you doing foredeck??
Marc has been one of our most regular local sailors. He is working on his boat handling and I am working on my French.

April 11, 2009
Treasure Coast Series, LESC
Eric Robbins 7-2-2-1-1-1 14 1
Dave Chapin 1-3-6-3-2-2 17 2
Dick Tillman 3-6-5-2-3-3 22 3
Randy Rea 2-7-4-4-4-4 25 4
David Hartman 4-1-1-5-11-6 28 5
Travis Ouellette 10-4-3-6-5-5 33 6
Alejandro Illera 5-5-8-7-7-8 40 7
Rob Krentel 6-9-9-10-8-7 49 8
John Fox 8-8-10-8-6-9 49 9
Kevin Ratigan Rad 9-13-7-9-9-ns 65 10
Cindy Taylor Rad 17-11-11-11-12-10 72 11
Mike Taylor Rad 12-10-12-12 -10-ns 74 12
Dean Grimes 11-12-14-13-13-11 74 13
Eric Eastman Jr. 14-15-13-14-14-13 83 14
Seth Bahr 4.7 16-16-15-15-15-12 89 15
Jerry Beck 13-14-ns-ns-ns-ns 99 16
Marc Solal 15-17-ns-ns-ns-ns 104 17