Monday, December 19, 2011

December 17 and 18, 2011 gave us the last of the summer on Saturday with warm temperature and the wind that died at noon. On Sunday it was colder and windier like winter with wind building at noon. We had seven sailing on Saturday and six on Sunday for a total of eight sailors. Five races both days. Joan Bryant is RC with Sally Hennessey helping on Saturday and Nancy Petty on Sunday. Special thanks for the well-run races.

Dave Chapin 1-1-1-1-1+ ns-4-1-1-1 =18

Alejandro Illera 5-4-5-5-3+2-1-2-3-3 =33

Rob Krentel 4-2-4-4-ns+1-2-3-2-2 =34

Sam Chapin 2-6-2-2-4+3-3-4-4-4 =34

Randy Rea 3-3-3-3-2+ns =49

Vince Renzoni 6-7-7-7-6+5-6-5-5-5 =59

Caroline Chapin 7-5-6-6-5+ ns =64

Patrick Daniel ns+4-5-6-nf-ns =67

Patrick Daniel returns to us on one of those crazy windy and shifty days. He has a new sail, but hiking strap broke when he was ahead of Sam and Sam saw the spectacular out of the boat head first backwards and then capsize. If we had video, we could charge to see it. The line that holds the hiking strap wears. Check yours and also don’t forget rivet aft. Reverse the sheet (wear at ratchet block). Check traveler at the fairleads. Check the rudder down haul with rudder down at the top gudgeon. Check the outhaul at the fairlead. One of the reasons, if you have a big budget, to buy a new boat every one or two years.

Caroline took a Saturday off from her high school senior activities to sail with us. Come again when you can. We continue to struggle to get the girls and women out for some reason.

Vince is back and getting his boat handling cornered and will be pushing up in the standing soon. He sailed the radial on Sunday and that was a good choice for him. He was not always last.

Randy Rea, our special friend from Crystal River, visited on Saturday. He scored second on Saturday and it is interesting to see that Sam beat him three out of the four races, but it is your bad races that often make the difference in the series scoring.

Sam had one of his best days ever on Saturday, but then was just lucky to stay out of trouble on Sunday.

Rob had to leave early on Saturday so he took a hit in the scoring. Well, you can put a hat over the three scores there for 2-3 and 4. Rob beat out Sam on his first place to no first places for Sam. On the Sunday scoring Rob was one point ahead of Alejandro.

Alejandro is back and although he got beat up on Saturday, he put it together on Sunday in spite of the higher winds.

David was late getting out on Sunday and then got on the wrong side of a big shift in the second race.

The rest of them he had in control, but had to win a couple on the beat to the finish.

Now we have two weeks off before Club Racing again 2012 January 7 and 8.

A note about two of our Laser sailors that didn’t sail with us. Craig Yates took Luke Yates and Cameron Smith to The Florida Yacht Club in Jacksonville to their Equinox Youth Regatta over the weekend to sail in the 420 class. They also took Mathew Smith, Cameron’s little brother, to sail the Opti green fleet. They were first place in both their groups. GOOD WORK, YOUTH FOUNDATION.

Monday, December 5, 2011

 December 3 and 4, 2011 Laser races at LESC, altogether nine sailors over the two days. Five races Saturday and seven on Sunday. Winds were brisk with a lot of crazy gusts. Temperature in the 70’s.

David Chapin 1-1-1-1-1+1-1-1-1-1-1 =11

Rob Krentel 2-2-2-3-2+3-2-2-2-2-2 =24

Jerry Beck 4-6-4-5-3+5-3-3-4-3-5 =44

Coach Chris 3-3-5-2-ns+ns =57

Sam Chapin 5-5-3-7-nf+4-nf-ns-5-5-4 =58

Charlie Jensen ns+2-4-4-3-4-3 =65

Bailey Verkaik 6-7-7-6-ns+ns =70

Luke Yates ns-4-nf-ns-s-ns+ns =72

Craig Yates (420) 7-8-6-5-ns+ns =70

Craig Yates brought out one of the youth students as crew on a 420 and sailed with us. He corrected on time with Bailey, who was sailing a radial rig. He sailed very well and he and Bailey were switching off positions when time was allowed. They came close to the Laser full rigs on corrected time, but not quite beat any.

Luke Yates was late getting out to the course and missed the first race had a great second race right behind Coach Chris, but then too much wind for the full rig.

Bailey Verkaik did a great job with the radial sail in the higher wind. With time corrected he almost picked off some full rigs. He was our first placing youth.

Charlie Jensen showed us he had not forgotten how to sail a laser. He was third place on Sunday and had a second place in the first race. He didn’t sail on Saturday and so is down in 6th for the weekend.

Sam Chapin. Well, the old guy has more trouble when the wind is up. Not enough space here to tell you all about the troubles, but he went in Sunday because he was not comfortable with that much wind and while he was on shore trying to figure out how long it would take him to change to a radial rig—he looked out and it seem that the wind had let up some—so he just went back out. It turned out to be a good day.

Coach Chris had his last day working for the Youth Foundation and they had a party for him at noon. We were glad to have him sailing with us on Saturday. The youth class is over at noon so they had to go in before the last race to have the boats put away before noon. He learned a little about lake sailing and we saw him really heel the boat to weather going down wind. He was third on Saturday and dropped down one for the weekend.

Jerry Beck really had a great time in the bigger wind. On Saturday he sailed extra after the races. Jerry, we love having you come.

Rob Krentel cornered all the seconds except for one on Saturday so Coach Chris won’t feel too bad and one on Sunday to encourage Charlie Jensen. Great work Rob.

David Chapin didn’t let anybody get ahead—well, a couple of times for a short distance. Experience is important and more so when the wind is up. When it is light, some wind shifts and pressure changes scrabble the finishes particularly in short one lap races. Thank you David for showing us how to do it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Laser report is easier this week with maybe the last warm weekend our numbers dropped to a two year low with just five racing on Saturday and three on Sunday. November 19-20, 2011


Dave Chapin ns-1-1-1-1-1+1-1-2-1-1-1 =18

Rob Krentel 1-2-2-3-2-2+2-2-1-2-2-2 =23

Sam Chapin 3-4-3-4-3-3+ns-ns-3-3-3-3 =40

Luke Yates 2-3-4-2-ns-ns+ns =46

Bailey Verkaik nf-5-5-5-ns-ns+ns =56

Bailey and Luke were both sailing the big rig and the wind was really up. They both deserve a lot of credit for hanging in there. They both went in a little before 12 to get ready for the afternoon sailing class and missed the last two races on Saturday plus missing the Sunday races.

Note that when Luke was sailing he got two second places and beat Rob in the fourth race. Good work Luke. He would have beaten out Sam for the weekend if he had just sailed a couple of more races.

The forecast for Sunday was for light winds, but when we got out there it was gusting up. Sam went in and changed to radial. Then we had both light areas of wind where the radial just died and everybody sailed away, but in the big wind gusts the radial was staying up with the big guys up wind.

Rob continues to make Dave work for his wins and got him in the third race Sunday. Rob sets the marks out for us every race day and stopped by Wednesday afternoon to help get our Wednesday afternoon group sailing better.

David Chapin continues to show us that we can sail better. Stand up before the start looking for the pressure. Get off the line faster. Work the shifts better. Changing gears with wind velocity. He wants us to have a face book page that everyone can join in. You will hear more about that. D13 has one but it is all about Sun coast stuff. Of course Antolin needs in put, but he gets all our stuff.

We will continue the “try a Laser” sailing on every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday afternoons 3PM.

Monday, November 7, 2011

It was a great Good Bye to Tom Rhodes. He placed second in the Saturday races. Second place in the first race and third in the second including the capsize that got everyone but Bailey in the 4.7. Bailey won that race outright without any time allowance. Then we finished off the cake with the help of others and a dent in the ice-cream. Sat around and talked a little. Looked forward to a little less wind on Sunday. It wasn’t a lot less.

Rob Krentel 1-2+1-2-2-2 =10

Dave Chapin 16+2-1-1-1 =21

Patrick Daniel 3-nf+3-nf =28

Tom Rhodes 2-3+24 =29

Bailey Verkaik 6-1+24 =31

Jerry Beck 5-4+24 =33

Marc Solal 4-nf+ns =36

Vince Renzoni 7-nf+24 =39

Sam Chapin ns+ns =40

Let’s start with Sam. Lots of excuses—cold, windy, old, should be smart enough to rig a radial, glad to see the rest of you at least sailing a little.

Vince has the leak fixed in his boat and has a house in Mt. Dora, so he will be more regular.

Marc was laughing and having fun, so he is fine.

Jerry did a great job sailing both races on Saturday and we are glad to have him coming whenever he can.

Bailey won the Youth 4.7 Championship and then he won the second race outright on Saturday. Great work and it had us all laughing. What a great day!

Tom Rhodes, one of our regulars, passes on his boat and maybe his regular spot to Vince. We will have to see how that turns out.

David we were really happy to see you come and cool off Rob a little while Alejandro was out of the country.

Rob did it again. Set up the course and then when he and David were having their match races they included the Scots windward mark for a gybe mark so it was a triangle course. We can’t do that if we have a lot of boats, but we can spread out the windward marks--- maybe need another course signal—maybe C course= B mark and then A mark and back down wind..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laser Races October 22 and 23, 2011. Seven boats on Saturday and five on Sunday with total of eight sailors. Not so good for us, but a little better than Scots and W’s. Alejandro was off racing cars and Sam needs to send out “reply if you are coming” e-mails to get juices running. Really good wind on Saturday and then really big holes on Sunday especially on the back to shore after the races—that was the calm that cancelled the “big boat” races except the first race of the Scots that they were able to finish.

Rob Krentel 1-1-2-3-1-2+3-1-2-3 =19

Sam Chapin 3-3-1-2-3-3+2-3-4-3 =26

Patrick Daniel 4-4-5-1-6-4+4-4-3-4 =39

David Chapin nf-ns-ns-ns-2-1+1-2-1-1 = 40

Tom Rhodes 6-5-4-4-4-5+ns-ns-ns-ns =52

Luke Yates 2-2-3-ns-7-ns+ns-ns-ns-ns =54

Marc Solal 5-6-6-5-5-6+ns-ns-ns-ns =57

Vince Renzoni nsx6 +5-5-5-5 =68

Vince just sailed with us Sunday. It looks like all last places, but he was up with everybody and not always last. Good improvement Vince.

Marc only sailed one day. Again some really good legs and he brought Pascal who helped on RC and then he and Pascal sailed several hours in the afternoon.

Luke was back sailing with us on his boat. A string of really good races—the old Luke and then overpowered with the full rig. I think he could still do the full rig with us.

Tom Rhodes consistent fourth place and then moving to Chicago. If Tom is still here in two weeks, we will have the “Goodbye Party” for him at noon on Sunday.

David broke his top mast just before the finish in the first race. “Big boat” safety boat towed him back to club and a fresh top mast. Keep the rivet in the top mast facing the goose neck (aft and in compression) so the rivet hole doesn’t weaken the mast.

Patrick got his win on Saturday. At least we spread them around a little. We are working to get Patrick a little faster downwind--- then look out, you folks at the top.

Sam was happy to have a win on Saturday in about as much wind as he is comfortable with and a second on Sunday.

Rob beat David C. once on Sunday and once on Saturday. Hope that will David interested. Rob puts our marks out and was able to find that “black hole” for the windward mark on Sunday.

Youth Regatta next week and adult Lasers in two weeks again.

Dave Mains will move to Wayfarer class, so we will miss him and Barby who will crew for him if he doesn’t tip the boat. She did RC with Joan this Sunday and we will take her back anytime. Dave’s Laser was bought by the Youth foundation, so we are not losing the boat.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Laser races October 8 and 9, 2011. A short report. Rainy and stormy on Saturday and Alejandro, Rob and Sam the only ones that came. None of them wanted to sail very badly. The other sailors were saying the forecast for thunderstorms. So we didn’t sail and nobody else put any boats in the water. Saturday learn to sail group learned to sail in more wind and the rain. Good work folks…

Sunday Rob put the marks out and reported a good breeze out in the dark water. Three again. This time Rob, Sam and Marc. Joan and Robin were RC. Seven or 8 MPH wind and light rain by first race. The Old man got a good start and won the first race. He turned over going down wind in the second and was in last with Rob in first. Marc was right with us in the last race when the wind was up and a lot more rain. Rob won the last two races. Lots of crazy wind shifts at the windward mark. A challenge sailing in the race with more rain and tell tails all lying down. More rain had come by the time the “big boats” had to decide—nobody put in. Laser sailing only.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A short report for September 25, 2011. We only had six boats out. No wind and no races on Saturday. Rob went out twice to set marks, but not enough wind to tell which way was up wind.

But still on Sunday the MCs only had six boats, Scots five and Wayfarers three.

So the summary:

Alejandro Illera 1-1

Sam Chapin 4-2

Rob Krentel 2-4

Marc Solal 3-5

Vince Renzoni 6-3

Dave Mains 5-6

Dave Mains had his new old boat and did well. The light wind was really miserable and at the second start he sat in one of those holes with no wind while everyone else went off sailing.

Vince sailed his new really old boat and look at that third in the second race. Way to go Vince.

Marc Solal our heavy air sailor had a third in the first race and that one was really light air.

Rob was really sailing that second race in his usual position of second, but on the run he was following Alejandro over to the downwind left, where you could see some more wind building. Sam and Vince got some separation by sailing more or less toward the finish line and we got a little more breeze that just filled in behind us and left Rob out to the left between the breezes so he ended up fourth.

Alejandro continues to sail fast and tack well on the little headers and sit forward in the light air. You will have to do that if you want to be up ahead in light air. Alejandro’s daughter, Genesis, helped Joan with the RC so we are not angry over his win.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Treasure Coast Laser series races at Lake Eustis Sailing Club was a boost and a bust. A boost to the growing Laser fleet and a bust for getting together the Laser sailors of the Florida and particularly the East Coast. David Hartman was the “only outsider” that showed up, but we did have “local sailors” from Longwood, Winter springs, Winter Park, Apopka, Sorrento, Mt Dora, as well as Eustis. Eleven boat all together. Eight full rigs and three Radials. Five races in 3 hours with winds from 6 to 12 MPH minus a few holes with no wind. Generally a pretty good afternoon. Note that David Hartman came from behind in the last race to nip Alejandro for second place.

Dave Chapin 1-1-1-1-2 6

David Hartman 4-3-2-4-1 14

Alejandro Illera 2-2-3-2-5 14

Rob Krentel 3-4-4-3-3 17

Patrick Daniel 6-6-7-5-4 28

Jerry Beck 7-5-5-6-nf 32

Tom Rhodes 8-7-6-7-6 34

Marc Solal 5-8-8-ns-ns 39

Bailey Verkaik (Radial) 1-1-2-1-1 6

Darcy Jensen (Radial) 2-2-3-2-2 11

Claire Epaillard (Radial) nf-3-1-3-3 14

Monday, September 12, 2011

Laser weekend- September-10-11, 2011

Light winds but good on Saturday with 12 boats sailing and four races. Eight boats on Sunday with a real struggle for wind and three races. The “big boats” didn’t get any races in, dying wind on Saturday and never tried on Sunday.

Alejandro Illera 1-1-1-2+1-1-1 8

Sam Chapin 5-3-3-3+6-3-2 25

Tom Rhodes 6-5-7-4+4-4-6 36

Luke Yates 4-4-4-1+27 40

Marc Solal 9-8-2-5+5-7-7 40

Dave Mains 10-9-6-7+8-6-5= 51

Chris Nagy 2-2-10-nf+27 54

Claire Epaillard 7-10-9-6+27 58

Rob Krentel 52+2-2-3 59

Cameron Smith 8-6-5-nf+27 59

Patrick Daniel 52+3-5-4 64

Bailey Carter 11-7-8-nf+27 66

Jerry Beck 3-nf-ns-ns+27 69

Vince Renzoni 52+7-8-8= 75

Michael Gapuz 12-nf-ns-ns+27 78

Fifteen sailors so this is a long story. Michael loves sailing a Laser and Jerry Beck spend an hour or so sailing with him Saturday.

Vince is bouncing between boats. He sailed his MC on Saturday, but they didn’t get a race finished.

Jerry Beck has turned into one of our instructors. Keep coming Jerry.

Bailey Carter is an old friend. Keep coming and hopefully we will get you a better boat.

Patrick is working his way up to the top of the fleet.

Cameron Smith, another old friend, we expect will be sailing with us at least on Saturday.

Rob Just missed Saturday sailing and took a 52 in his score for missing those four races.

Claire is our first woman and the third youth. I hope we get her name in the newspaper again.

Chris sailed in three races and had two seconds. That is really very good. His mother was on the RC. Do you suppose?

Dave Mains is sailing a little better all the time, but this light wind stuff is hard to do.

Mark Solal—look at that second place and a COUPLE OF 5s from our heavy air specialist.

Luke is back sailing with us. Look out, up at the top. The youth are coming.

Tom has climbed into third spot with no really bad finishes.

Rob was gone for a day so Sam was able to get up into second place for the weekend.

Alejandro did it again. Almost a clean sweep of bullets, but Luke took the last race Saturday.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Labor Day weekend. 2011. Lots to report. Saturday and Sunday 11 Laser sailors in 11 races. Add the Monday racing now we have 14 sailors in 19 races. So let’s start with the regular scoring.

Alejandro Illera 2-1-1-1-2-1+2-1-3-3-2 =19

Rob Krentel 1-3-2-3-1-2+3-4-1-2-3 =25

Sam Chapin 5-ns-7-2-4-4+4-6-4-4-5 =53

Dave Chapin 48+1-3-2-1-1 =56

Jerry Beck 7-4-4-5-5-5+6-7-5-5-6 =59

Ron Baerwitz 3-2-3-7-3-3+50 =71

Patrick Daniel 48+5-2-6-6-4 =72

Charlie Jensen 4-5-6-4-ns-ns+ns-5-8-7-8 =74

Dave Mains 6-6-5-6-ns-ns+9-10-10-8-10=86

Vince Renzoni 48+7-8-9-9-7 =88

Marc Solal 48+8-9-7-10-9 =91

Marc missed Saturday helping with his son’s school project and then on Sunday he was beating a lot of people. He was our big hero on Monday. Read below.

Vince had a weekend of sailing. Friday night with Sam and Jim Rotella down at the park before the fireworks. It was a great night. Then MC on Saturday and Laser on Sunday and Monday.

Dave Mains did great. His first racing in 43 years and only about the third time sailing a Laser. Saturday was a lot of wind that sent him in early, but back Sunday and more comfortable with a little less wind. He will be sailing with us and Barby, his wife, helped with RC both Saturday and Sunday.

Charlie Jensen skipped a couple of races on Saturday to go sail with the MCs. He would have less trouble with the Wayfarers. We have that deal with them, that if you want to sail a longer race, go at noon and join in the Wayfarers second or third race.

Patrick had a second in the Sunday racing and finished fourth behind the top three fast folks on that day and then he almost won the big prize on Monday.

Ron sailed one of the old boats on Saturday and was always there with Alejandro and Rob at the head of the pack. We are glad to have him come anytime.

Jerry Beck sailed both days and was always there in the 4 and 5 spot. He wants a little North U kind of thing after the racing and I think we will add that on Saturday after racing. It would be nice to include the other classes, but with their three races schedule it is too much to ask. They will have to do their own.

Dave and Caroline Chapin won all three Scot races on Saturday and then Caroline abandoned her father and sent him to the laser group where he was able to win three races also. Almost the big winner of the weekend.

Sam was able to hang on to third place because he sailed both days. Showing up is half the battle. He and Vince sailed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. No wonder on Monday he was wondering, “Why am I getting up early to go sail?”

Well, Rob was close, but not able to catch Alejandro. He was a ton of points above everyone else.

Alejandro our big winner again. Good tacks, sailing flat, sailing fast and not too often on the wrong wind shift.

Joan Bryant our RC. Don’t forget her and Barby Mains both Saturday and Sunday. Thank you both.

Now the excitement of Monday. First of all.. This was the Laser Invitational race so the “big boat “guys could come and race one of the little ones. We had no takers. I don’t think we did last year either. Vince Renzoni did sail with us. But he doesn’t really count as he has been sailing with us this summer.

The wind prediction was 10 to 20 and when we arrived a few white caps are forming. Craig Yates has come. Patrick Daniel is there. We talk it over and decide it is Radial rig day. Youth, Claire Epaillard and Evan Anthony have come and are smart enough to rig 4.7s. We put Vince in a 4.7. Marc Solal comes and decides on a full rig. That is great—we will have a little comparison. One Full, three Radial and three 4.7. Robin is helping Joan with RC and they will be taking times. Rob is not coming, so Craig put the marks out. A really short course right in front of the club.

Craig Yates 4-2-1-1-3-3-2-1=18

Patrick Daniel 1-1-5-4-2-2-3-3=21

Marc Solal 2-4-3-3-4-4-nf-1 =29

Claire Epaillard 5-3-4-2-7-5-1-4=31

Sam Chapin 3-5-2-ns-1-1-nf-ns=36

Evan Anthony 6-6-6-5-6-7-4-6=46

Vince Renzoni 7-7-7-ns-5-6-5-5=50

Vince was figuring it out toward the end of the morning.

Evan was hanging in there with the old soft yellow boat. Slow in the waves.

Sam was happy to be in the radial rig.

Claire received the first Woman trophy. She corrected to first place in the seventh race and to third in the second race. She wanted the First youth trophy also, but we hand that one to Evan and “Old Yellow”.

Marc won the last race. Hurrah for the full rig.

Patrick won the first two races and then let Craig get away from him. No, mostly it was just sailing the wind and the waves and short course.

Craig came out of retirement to show us how to do it. He has all the sailing lessons and is the

Soccer coach. We are lucky to have him.

Lots of white caps, chop and fast planning. Maybe next year we will do it again.

Monday, August 22, 2011

AUGUST 30 AND 21, 2011

The prediction was for light winds this past weekend, but it was better. We managed five races on Saturday and six on Sunday. Sam report ten to the newspaper, but you can’t always trust old guys to be able to count well. Eight sailors each day and nine altogether. Jerry Beck came on Saturday and Caroline Chapin on Sunday.
Alejandro Illera 2-2-2-2-2+1-1-4-2-1-2 =21
Rob Krentel 1-3-3-3-4+3-2-3-3-3-3 =31
Dave Chapin ns-1-1-1-1+ns-ns-1-1-2-1=32
Sam Chapin 4-4-4-8-3+2-3-2-4-5-4 =43
Patrick Daniel 3-5-5-6-7+4-4-5-6-4-8 =57
Tom Rhodes 6-7-6-5-8+5-5-6-5-7-6 = 66
Jerry Beck 5-6-7-4-5+ 54 =81
Marc Solal 7-8-8-7-6+6-ns-ns-ns-ns-5=84
Caroline Chapin 45+ns-ns-7-7-6-7=86
That is the end of our summer, but these races are not going to count for anything. I finished up our summer two weeks ago so we could have our own trophy presentations. In two weeks the Labor Day series and after that the Kennan starts.
Now back to sailors. We were glad to get Caroline away from the horse thing. She was a little overpowered in the gusts with the full rig, but rusty from most of the summer off. She should be able to manage the gusts we had—sheet out to keep boat flat and some super vang to keep the mast bent.
Marc Solal had an interesting weekend. Finished up Saturday beating two in the last race and on Sunday, he had a little cruise and then came back with a fifth in the last race--- that one was almost a fourth as he led Sam around the leeward mark and was almost laying the finish, but Sam managed to sneak in ahead.
Jerry Beck is one of our middle fleet people. On Saturday just one point behind Patrick for the day. It is really great to have him sailing with us so that three or four of us are all coming together at the marks and at the finish line.
Tom Rhodes is doing better downwind and moved up with a bunch of 5’s on Sunday. Good going, Tom.
Patrick Daniel continues to charge up to the top of the heap. He had a 3 on Saturday and some 4’s on Sunday.
Sam had better starts particularly on Sunday. That helps a lot. Then he noticed that we had big left shifts up near the windward mark and that helped him. If you don’t know which way to go in the northern hemisphere, it should be toward the right. The gradient wind should come from that direction and it did a lot later in the afternoon. But don’t count on that stuff at Lake Eustis.
Dave Chapin came a little late on both days and racked up a lot of bullets. Starts and sailing fast to the shifts I think is what does it for him.
Rob Krentel and Alejandro continue being linked together. Rob was on top last race weekend and he won the first race on Saturday but then Alejandro topped him the rest of the day. On Sunday Rob just didn’t have enough wind to grind him down.
Alejandro Illera is always sailing flat and fast. He usually plays the wind shifts correctly. Watch him if you want to sail better.
Joan Bryant continues to run our race committee. Rob’s mother helped on Saturday and visited with everyone. Robin was back on Sunday and brought Joan because the little Yellow Car went to Orlando to get fixed. It will be coming back all OK on Tuesday.
The trophy presentation was a big success. Past Commodore Gene Day made it over to the club and had a good visit. The cake and ice cream is almost gone and I expect the rest of it will disappear this coming Saturday when the Youth are sailing.

Monday, August 8, 2011


August 6 and 7, 2011 We had four races on Saturday in patchy winds and then four on Saturday in brisk winds with occasional gust bringing in some white caps. Twelve sailors over the two days with twelve on Sunday. That was probably our record Sunday.
Rob Krentel 2-4-2-2+2-1-2-3 = 18
Alejandro Illera 1-2-4-3+3-3-3-2 = 21
Dave Chapin ns-1-1-1+1-4-1-4 =24
Sam Chapin 6-3-3-5+5-5-5-5= 37
Jerry Beck 7-5-5-4+6-8-8-8= 51
Patrick Daniel 5-8-9-6+7-6-6-6= 53
Tom McNally 44+4-2-4-1= 55
Tom Rhodes 3-6-7-7+9-7-nf-7 = 59
Vince Renzoni 4-7-8-9+8-9-9-10= 64
Marc Solal ns-9-6-8+10-nf-10-nf=80
Dean Grimes 44+ ns-10-7-9 = 83
Jon Chapin ns-10-10-10+11-11-ns-ns=89
Jon Chapin is Dave Chapin’s son that goes to U of Alabama. He has sailed Lasers some but not in races, so we are glad to have him out with us. On Sunday he missed two races when the old outhaul on his boom let go, but he and Dave sailed through storms and multiple capsizes in the afternoon. He will be a lot tougher next time out.
Dean Grimes was one of the Flying Scot sailors that comes to visit with us on Sundays and brings Nancy Petty to help with RC. Nancy has some health issues that will be addressed more this week and we wish her a good outcome.
Marc Solal continues one of our good connections to the international scene. He and Claire Ephraim being our French citizens. Marc struggles with the leaky boat, has some good starts, and then gets hammered in the later stages of the races. We just have to encourage him to keep coming. Work forward in the boat and heel more down wind.
Vince Renzoni is on loan from the MC scows. We are glad to have him. Sally R. is a sailor and we will try to get her in a Laser.
Tom Rhodes has made his move up the ladder, but the wind up on Sunday gave him a little more experience in more wind. It makes it a little different game.
Tom McNally, the other on loan from the Flying Scot fleet and one of the two extra sailors that come on Sunday. He is really a Laser sailor before the Scot. He had a first in the last race on Sunday and was third overall in the Sunday scoring, but down to 7 for the weekend. He drove away Sunday with a Laser on top of his car and towing a Scot.
Patrick Daniel had moved up pushing Sam out of third place in our group of regulars, but he slipped a little. He had the string of 6’s on Sunday and just missing out to Jerry Beck on Jerry’s light air races Saturday.
Jerry Beck was with us both days. That moved him ahead of Patrick. He had a 4th in the last race on Saturday. He looked fast when he sailed by me.
Sam is happy to be in fourth for the weekend.
Dave Chapin got distracted on Sunday and interrupted his string of bullets. I think he will live through it.
Alejandro Illera had his helpers on the Committee boat on Saturday and was able to win that day, but the bunch on Sunday didn’t let him win any of the races.
Rob Krentel was overjoyed with a win for the weekend with Alejandro, Dave, and Tom McNally present. He only won one race but had 5 seconds in 8 races.
What sort of problems did we have? Brisk winds and some dnfs. If it was death rolls, then remember not to have the sail way out by the lee. If you start to roll steer toward the sail and the rudder should dig in the water and help you straighten up.
In that sort of chop on Sunday, be sure to keep the “bow down” so you power through the chop. If the waves are bigger then it is steering up the upside and down the down side. When we were in the gusts, there was enough wind and chop to stop you in irons, so have the boat moving and tack quickly in a flat spot or on top of a wave. Try to keep the boat flat.
Keep checking the wind and the line before the start. We had some changes in the last minute or so.
Anything else that we should address?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 23 and 24, 2011

AAAA July 23 and 24, 2011 were good days for the Laser group. Light winds predicated. Saturday was light but not as bad as predicted. We got three races in. Sunday wind was a lot better, but still with holes. We had 16 sailors and 7 races so we have a long note today.
David Chapin 2-1-1+8-1-1-1 = 15
Alejandro Illera 1-2-4+2-3-4-2= 18
Rob Krentel 4-3-2+4-2-3-3= 21
Patrick Daniel 6-6-3+6-8-5-4=38
Sam Chapin 8-7-5+5-4-2-dq= 43
Tom Rhodes 11-9-10+3-5-6-5= 49
Vince Renzoni 10-11-11+7-6-9-6= 60
Ben Getchell 3-4-6+ ns 48 = 61
Charlie Jensen ns39+1-7-7-ns= 66
Ray Laguna 5-8-7+ns 48= 68
Jerry Beck 7-5-9+ns48 = 69
Steve Chapin ns 39+ns-ns-8-7=78
Jim McIntyre ns-10-8+ns 48 = 79
Marc Solal 9-12-nf+ ns48 = 82
Brett Chapin ns39+ns-ns-10-nf=85
Trevor Chapin ns39+ns-ns-11-ns=86
Starting at the bottom—Brett and Trevor Chapin are grandchildren from California that only get to sail a little every other year. We are glad to see them out with us.
We are working on the leaks in Marc Solal boat. That is the boat made in Brazil that was brought here from Puerto Rica by Cesar Toro, who used it to beat up on us pretty badly a few years ago. Now it is the hands of the Frenchman. That is our international boat and hopefully sailing with us regularly again.
Jim McIntyre sailed with us a few times before. Too bad he didn’t sail Sunday, which was a much more forgiving day.
Steve Chapin was our heavy weight on Sunday sailing Chutzpah and doing very well going up wind and then not so well down wind.
Jerry Beck sailed on Saturday in the light wind. He had a 5th and was in the middle of the fleet. Not bad Jerry.
Ray Laguna sailed maybe for the first time since he got his heart fixed. Good work Ray. We are glad to have you sailing again and especially with us. He had 5th also and just a point ahead of Jerry.
Charlie Jensen is our other “just had my heart fixed” and look at that first place in the first race on Sunday. Wow. With Dave and Alejandro sailing with us not many of those bullets are available.
Ben Getchell is back from vacation and pushing the top of the list. He told me he was coming back on Sunday, but didn’t. Late night Saturday. He was our only youth and we hope to be getting them back regularly.
Vince Renzoni is climbing up there. Notice that he was out sailing while Rob was setting up the course, working on his boat handling and getting used to the wind shifts and conditions. It helped him a lot. You can do that too, if you are looking to improve your score.
Tom Rhodes is climbing up the group. Notice the 3rd in the first race on Sunday. That is right up there with the big dogs.
Sam really liked the wind on Sunday and managed that 2nd place. Wow.
Patrick Daniel had moved into the third and fourth place. Welcome Patrick.
Rob Krentel continues his competition with Alejandro. Just one or two points apart each day. Rob is one his way to Halifax this coming weekend so he can get a little faster.
Alejandro Illera is back for most of the summer to challenge us all. He comes down to the club in the “Bat mobile”. Don’t miss that.
David Chapin soaked up an 8 on Sunday because he was delayed getting Trevor Chapin rigged. He tells us that our “behinders” need to push up better to the start and not get left behind.
Will do separate e-mail about other observation of the weekend. Don’t miss it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

RACES JUNE 25 AND 26, 2011

Laser weekend. June 25 and 26, 2011.
We had 12 boats out on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. Really good show, but not our record. Once we had 14. But then we had the MC scows come and sail with us.
Four races on Saturday and Five on Sunday when the wind really picked up about 11 AM.
So here are the scores.. A lot to cover today.
David Chapin 1-1-2-1+1-1-1-4-1 = 13
Rob Krentel 2-3-4-5-+2-2-3-1-3= 26
Sam Chapin 8-5-6-3+6-3-2-2-4 =39
Patrick Daniel 6-6-8-6+3-5-4-3-2 =43
Randy Rea 3-2-1-2+ns-45 =53
Tom Rhodes7-10-10-8+4-4-5-6-5 =55
Caroline Chapin 4-4-3-ns13+5-6-7-7-8=57
Jennifer Jones ns13-7-5-4+ns9-7-6-8-7=66
Marc Solal 9-9-12-ns13+7-8-8-5-6 =77
Charlie Jensen ns13-8-7-9+ns45 =82
Vincent Renzoni 5-12-11-10+45 =83
Dean Grimes ns13-11-9-7+45 =85
I will start with Dean who is down at the bottom of the list because he was late for the first race and then didn’t sail on Sunday. He takes a big hit for that. Dean sailed with us for several years before he and Joe Lobato began sailing the Scot. We will try to get Joe to join us also. Then Nancy Petty will be able to help us with the RC again later this summer.
Vincent Renzoni is really a MC sailor and he is just getting his experience spread around a little. He was right in the middle of things in the first races and then was losing lots at the mark roundings. Just needs a little more time in the boat. Maybe a look at some of the books or DVDs on Laser sailing.

Charlie Jensen is back, but down on the list having missed the first race Saturday and all the Sunday races. He stayed out after the racing and did the downtown docks. While he was doing that Dean was sailing off the other way to visit some of his customers. So we had two boats that stayed out sailing after the races.

Marc Solal is back from France and we are so glad to see him. He is one of our regulars. He is getting better starts and usually doing better as the wind picked up like Sunday.
Jennifer Jones, another MC sailors, but also Laser sailor and Sailing Instructor. So glad to see her again. She sailed the Kelley boat on Saturday. That boat has the old rigs and she was dancing around on the deck changing out haul and vang and really making it go. She got a better boat on Sunday, but was sailing a full rig and she and Caroline got sort of blown out when the wind came up Sunday.—including the turn over just at the start that tangle both Caroline and Jennifer and the ungracious fellows all went sailing off without them.
Caroline Chapin came sailing with us again. Our only near youth—she is pretty much out of that “youth” category. Really outstanding sailing on Saturday and then too much wind on Sunday with the full rig—but needs to learn the vang sheeting. Even if you are sailing the radial, you need to sail flat and fast. Thanks David for bringing the kid—well maybe she came in her own car and brought part of the RC on Sunday.
Tom Rhodes, another of our RC helpers, he brought Carol who helped on Saturday. Tom has climbed up the ladder. Several fourth places and bouncing back and forth with Patrick. We are glad he is not moving to Illinois.
Randy Rea, our instructor from Crystal River and longtime Laser sailor. Randy comes over every now and then and sometimes brings friends that we are always happy to see. Randy makes things more interesting for David and beat him in one of the races on Saturday. He takes a big hit in the scores because he only sailed on Saturday.
Patrick Daniel is moving into the top bracket. He didn’t win any races this week end, but did finish second in the last race and joined that small number of people that had seconds.
Sam was happy to have a couple of seconds on Sunday. He was vang sheeting part of the time and if the wind and built a little more, he would have been looking for his radial sail.
Rob Krentel had his workout over the weekend. Without Alejandro he has had pretty easy pickings with our fleet, but with Randy and David sailing he only managed one bullet--- a lot better than any of the rest of us.
David Chapin was able to come over and bring his high school daughter, beef up the list of competitors, and maybe draw Randy over to sail with us. We hope they can come a lot this summer while school activities are over. If you wonder how he won so many races, it has something to do with time spent in this game.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Races April 30 and May 1, 2011

Laser races April 30 and May 1, 2011 Saturday+Sunday= tolal

Rob Krentel 1-2-4 +1-1-1-3-1-1-2 = 17
Patrick Daniel 3-6-8+2-2-2-1-2-3-1 = 30
Marc Solal 7-3-5+3-3-3-4-3-4-4 = 39
Randy Rea 2-1-1+35 =39
Jerry Beck 4-5-2+35 = 46
Baily Carter 5-4-6+35 = 50
Leah Harper 6-7-ns+35 = 59
Sam Chapin 33+ns-ns-ns-2-4-2-3 = 59
Bianca Mesa ns-ns-3+35 = 60
Chris Nagy ns-ns-7+35 = 64

Monday, April 18, 2011

Club Racing

April 17 and 18, 2011 races go into history with Rob missing Alejandro on Saturday when there were white caps all over the place. Sam just sailed out and around the committee boat and back to shore. Rob sailed away from everyone so badly that he resorted to many gybes and extra distance down wind. Those of us watching from shore couldn’t figure out what the course was. Anyway that was his excuse for letting Luke Yates catch him on corrected time in the third race. Maybe the big news is the return of the Youth, Luke Yates sailing his Radial, Cameron Smith with his Radial and Claire Epaillard sailing a 4.7. Cameron pulled his boom block off and had to drop out, but Claire and Luke stuck it out for all five races. Claire did get in trouble with a capsize and sheets wrapped around the boat which was solved when Luke and she switched around. Luke got it straightened up and they switched boats back. Our RC called for help on the radio, but Luke and Claire had it all solved by the time the safety boat arrived.
Tom Rhodes hung in there for all the races on both days and got some more experience with capsizes on Saturday. Patrick Daniel came on both days, but just tested the wind on Saturday. We will get him out with radial on the next really windy day. He won one of the races on Sunday so he has moved up the ladder.
As noted before, when I ran the times for Saturday nothing changed except in the third race, when Luke bumped Rob out of first and Claire bumped Tom out of third. So the youth make themselves noticed. What a great day for them.
The summary of 5 races on Saturday + 4 races on Sunday with the big numbers for the days missed.
Rob Krentel 1-1-2-1-1+2-3-2-1 = 8
Luke Yates 2-2-1-2-4+20 =31
Tom Rhodes 3-4-4-4-2+4-4-3-4 =32
Sam Chapin 30+1-2-1-2 =36
Claire Epaillard 4-5-3-3-3+20 =38
Patrick Daniel 30+3-1-4-3 =41
Cameron Smith 5-3-ns +20 =46
Thanks as always to Joan Bryant our faithful PRO and to Aerial Magno who helped with flags, timer and anchor. Aerial has sailed with us in the Lasers the last two Wednesdays and will join us in racing.

Monday, April 11, 2011



The April 9 and 10, 2011 Laser races had Maribel and Genesis Illera and Sonia Mesa on the Saturday RC and Maribel and Genesis on Sunday. Light wind on Saturday, but we managed 4 races including a late start. A tough RC started things before Alajandro got out to the course. Don’t mess with Maribel.
Bianca Mesa was back from her trip around Florida including the Mt. Dora regatta win and was able to do a second place finish on Saturday with us. The Mesa’s usually take Sunday off to get ready for school—we hope she is back with us next Saturday for our club races coming up that quickly.
Marc Solal was back with us on Sunday and although Tom Rhodes bested him on Sunday. Marc was up with the leaders several times at the windward mark.
Tom Rhodes and Mark have been trading places for a long time and Sunday Tom came out ahead.
Rob Krentel was always in the hunt. On Sunday he and Alejandro were tied with 8 points each, but Alejandro had three wins to two for Rob. So Alejandro is ahead on both days.
Peter and Jim both planned to sail with us, but were not able to make it.
The Summary
Alejandro Illera ns-1-1-1+2-1-3-1-1 =17
Rob Krentel nf-20-3-3+1-2-1-2-2 =20
Sam Chapin 1-5-5-4+3-3-2-3-3 =29
Tom Rhodes 3-4-4-5+4-4-4-5-4 =37
Bianca Mesa 2-3-2-2+ns =39
Marc Solal ns+5-5-5-4-5 =48

Club racing again next weekend.
And Wednesday evening….