Monday, January 23, 2012

JANUARY 21 AND 22, 2012

Saturday January 21, 2012, we had great wind for the Laser races. Three youths came with 4.7 rigs and did very well. We took times and the finishes list are based on corrected times for all.

Bailey Verkaik corrected to third place in the first race. Chris Nagy jumped to 6th in the second race. No other changes in scoring, but both Bailey and Chris beat a full rig boat for boat. Great sailing fellows.

Dave Chapin 1-2-1-1-1-1

Rob Krentel 2-1-2-2-2-2

Sam Chapin 4-4-4-3-3-4

Jerry Beck 5-3-3-4-5-3

Tom Jennings 5-7-7-7-4-ns

Chris Nagy 7-6-6-5-5-5

Bailey Verkaik 3-5-5-8-ns-ns

Michael Gapuz 8-8-6-7-6-6

Bill and Charlotte Lubawy sailed their Capri 14.2 around the course. They told the RC that they were not racing and would stay out of the way. We don’t have any times for the Capri. The Capri rating is 99.8 and it looked like they were finishing very well.

We give thanks for Robin and Sally Renzoni who did RC for us with our regular Joan Bryant on well-earned vacation.

On Sunday Joan Bryant was back along with Sally Renzoni, but no wind. A little come up after lunch and all racing had been cancelled. Dave Meaker put out some marks and a bunch of Wayfarers entered the First Annual Light Air Wayfarer Reaching Championships. Winner to be announced later.

The Lasers had Vince Renzoni, Phil Ecklund, Ralph Grouse, and Albert sailing. We almost had Bob Morris out, but he will come back Wednesday with more suitable clothes.

Now get your calendars out because the next few weekends are tricky. Next weekend is OFF racing. The following is Wayfarer regatta and MC scow Train Wreck. So next club racing is 3 weeks away. Then February 18 and 19 is the Washington birthday Regatta. We are part of that – so sign up on our web site. The following weekend is club racing. So we are off for three weekends and then on for three weekends.

I will tell you about the other six players in another e-mail.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Warm weather and light winds sort of ruined the sailing at Lake Eustis. No wind but marvelous fog most of morning. It was all mist out on the lake and you couldn't see the far shore and then the edges began to come in. Laser sailing was canceled at 11 AM. About 2 PM some wind came in and six Lasers from the youth foundation went out to sail a short course under direction of Craig Yates and Sam and Jerry Beck joined them so we had 8 boats out for an hour and a half. Nine MC scows were sailing with one C scow. So we got some sailing in.

On Sunday a little wind came in at 10:30 and Joan Bryant ran three races for the four Lasers that had braved the light winds. Rob Krentel 2-2-2

Dave Chapin ns-1-1

Sam Chapin 1-3-wrong mark

Vince Renzoni 3-4-3

Several Scots, Wayfarers, and MC scows sailed in the light air afternoon witrhout a PRO.

Next Club Racing in two weeks. Next Regatta beginning of February.