Monday, May 28, 2012

May 26 and 27, 2012

 May 26 and 27, 2012  The Laser Memorial Day series.

When the old man finally added up all the points we had different result than he reported on Sunday.

We had a three way tie for first and the nod goes to Randy Rea because he had the most firsts.  He didn’t sail both days, so we will still leave the first place to Patrick Daniel and the second to Marc Solal because they braved all the strange winds of the weekend.  Strange circling winds of Saturday and early bits of Tropical Storm Beryl on Sunday.

Randy Rea        1-1-1-1-1-1+ns                30

Patrick Daniel  5-5-5-4-4-2+1-2-1-1       30

Marc Solal       2-4-4-5-5-3+2-1-2-2         30

Sam Chapin     3-2-2-2-2-4+ns                  39

Vince Renzoni  4-3-3-3-3-5+ns                  45

This weekend is a separate series.  The April and May series finished the week before.  The summer series begins in two weeks.

Vince Renzoni is sailing faster, trading places with Marc and ahead of Patrick most of the time on Saturday.

Sam let Randy beat him too often--- but what is new.  Vince and Sam both went out on Sunday with 4.7 rigs, but got back in before they got in trouble.

Marc Solal is sailing better.  He did well both in the light wind on Saturday and then sailing the full rig on Sunday when the wind was really up and we had some waves.  .  He deserved the weekend win.

Patrick Daniel has been busy sailing his new 640 and we are glad to see him take a weekend off and come to sail with us.  He was a little rusty and usually sails better than his Saturday efforts.  With the wind up on Sunday he sailed a radial and showed that when we have the wind it can keep up with the full rigs.

We had six that were planning to sail Monday, but winds from Beryl cancelled that.

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 19 and 20, 2012

 May 19 and 20, 2012 the Laser fleet overtakes the other fleets at LESC with 11 boats racing on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.   Five races on Saturday and four on Sunday.    Well don’t get carried away,   that is mostly because the MC scows had a big regatta someplace else.    I will send out the Davis Island report for Saturday racing.  They had eight boats out.  By the numbers we are doing very well.

Dave Chapin         1-2-1-1-1+2-2-2-1    13

Rob Krentel           4-5-2-2-2+1-3-1-2    22

Sam Chapin           3-3-4-3-4+3-1-3-3      27

Vince Renzoni       7-8-8-8-8+4-4-4-4      55

Marc Solal             ns-6-6-7-6+5-5-5-5    55

Alejandro Illera     2-1-3-4-3+ns                68

Charles Jensen      5-4-5-5-5+ns                 79

Craig Yates            6-7-7-6-7+ns                 88

Jon Chapin            10-9-9-9-9+ns               101

Baily Verkaik           8-ns+ns                         

Luke Yates              9-ns+ns

Luke Yates is one of our usual youth challengers and capable of winning a race or two.  He came out with radial sail. Some kind of weather report thing.  Better luck next time.

Bailey Verkaik sailed with us… this old guy reported Cameron Smith in the general newsletter.  Well, it is too late to fix that Bailey.  You were ahead of Luke and that usually takes some sort of work.  I will try to do better with reporting you.

Jon Chapin sailed well but finished last in all the races.  He has been pleasure sailing and that really is a different ball game.  If he sails a little more with us that will all change.

Craig Yates is usually up near the top when we are finishing.  Some problem with the boat.  Maybe we can figure that out.

Charles Jensen was back with us. Our founding Laser sailor.  He passed Sam a couple of times and just needs a little more practice.

Alejandro Illera was back with us for one day before going off for his trip to Greece.  He was second to Dave Chapin on Saturday and Just ahead of Rob.   Miss a day racing and it really shoots your score..

Marc Solal in a tie with Vince R.  We hope these two can keep battling it out.  Marc really comes through on the windy days.
Vince Renzoni has climbed up into fourth place.  Sailing better every day.

Sam Chapin.  Did you notice that they let the old man win one race?

Rob Krentel tied and beat Dave Chapin with two bullets on Sunday, but then he had to put up with the Saturday score. Good work on Sunday with all the strange wind shifts.

Dave Chapin come back and help us whenever you can.  It gives Rob and Alejandro some work to do.

We have added Kevin Ratigan’s boat to our group and hope to have another youth h sailor out with us in thatboat.  Summer is almost here but we will continue to race every other weekend.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Laser finishes for the May 5 and 6, 2012 races.

Sam Chapin      1-3-1+1-1-1-1-1-2-2         14

Marc Solal         5-4-3+2-2-2-2-2-1-1          24

Rob Krentel      3-2-2+ns                               70

Luke Yates        2-1-capsize+ns                     74

Chris Nagy        6-7-4+ns                                80

Bailey Verkaik  4-5-ns+ns                               81

Vince Renzoni   ns-6-5+ns                              83

Michael Gapuz 7-8-6+ns                                 84

The two 420’s racing with us were not recorded.  Will try to do better next time.

Michael Gapuz has an Eagle Scout project to work on and then he will be sailing more with us.  Saturday he sailed a radial without any battens and the roach curled over.  He did fine considering what he was sailing with.

Vince Renzoni is still struggling with the move up to Mt Dora, but the six and five finishes are not at the bottom.

Bailey sailed well with a 4 and 5, but missed the last race so he could get his boat put away by noon.

Chris Nagy was the first of the radials.  We didn’t have times recorded so he might have placed a little higher on corrected time.

Luke Yates was a lot of fun.  Second in the first race and won the second and then in the third was talking a lot to Rob on the run and did a capsize with the mast stuck in the mud pretty good.  It took Rob a couple of passes to get him unhooked.

Rob Krentel let a couple of us by him on Saturday and then took a crack at the Flying Sots on Sunday.  He did better with them on Sunday than with us on Saturday, but that was just one day.

Marc Solal sail both days and sailed himself into second.  His finishes on Saturday were not bad 5-4-3.  Those 3’s are hard to come by.

Sam had a good day on Saturday and here is a little WOW (Words of Wisdom) on that 1-3-1 day. 

WOW…  We had some big right shifts and you had to be sure you were taking that long task first (starboard) and working to the right carefully.  Delay going to the lay line for the windward mark.  You can approach it, but tack before you get there.

Sail fast – that is “bow down” with windward and leeward telltales flowing, boat flat or windward heel.  Sail trimmed into 6 to 8 inches between the boom blocks and if you are sitting out to hold the boat down, then two block.  Check what the boats near you are doing and how they are moving.  If you have a boat to leeward you can see easily, work on sailing faster than they are.  If you can see shore in front of them, then try and be “making trees”...  seeing for shore in front of them as you move faster.   Or just to increase you angle to them … bow down a little more … a little different trim.  Work at going fast – that make your tactics smarter.  If you get in a really light wind spot, heel to leeward and weight forward.  Get the roll tacks working.  It takes the curse out of tacking to much with the short wind shifts.  Try to link the areas of dark water together.   If the roll tacks are a problem and you don’t live close for sailing practice, then get some practice in before, after the races or after lunch.

The fun is not necessarily winning, but sailing better.