Sunday, August 3, 2014

Report of Sailing races August 2 and 3, 2014 We are still in the “no winner and no Loser mode” so here is the group for Saturday in no particular order except maybe in order that they showed up on the race course. Rob Krentel Craig Yates Sam Chapin Vince Renzoni Michael Gapuz Charlei Jensen Dave Hepting Gus Chennells Randy Boekema Francois Simon Light wind and three races with the third race two laps. A good mix of finishes with three Flying Scots and one Wayfarer joining the Lasers. On Sunday the winds were better and we had four races. Rob Krentel Vince Renzoni David Hepting Marc Solal Francois Simon Ray Laguna Gus Chennells Again we had three Fling Scots and one Wayfarer, although the Flying Scots have trouble getting out for the first race. We were glad to have Marc Solal back and he did well considering he has not been sailing for two years.