Monday, November 19, 2012

   Laser finishes for November 17 and 18, 2012

Two windy days with the youth sailing radials and Max a 4.7 received time corrections on Saturday so if you remember what your place was,  you might find it just a little changed.   We had six races, but the youth were all out on their first little race so I dropped that and only listed the last five races.  It doesn’t really change things except to get the youth into the scoring better.  We all sailed radials on Sunday so no corrections there.

Rob Krentel 2-1-2-1-2+1-2-1-1     13

Luke Yates3-9-5-4-6+2-1-2-nf     38

Sam Chapin  5-3-3-5-5+4-ns-ns-ns   43

Marc Solal   11-6-7-7-4+3-3-3-nf       50

David Chapin 1-2-1-2-1+ns                 55

Vince Renzoni 7-5-8-11-8+5-4-4-nf   59

Cameron Smith 4-8-4-6-3+ns              73

Craig Yates  6-4-6-3-9+ns                    79

Bailey Verkaik 8-10-dq-8-7+ns            93

Michael Gapuz 9-7-9-10-10+ns           93

Max Epaillard 10-11-10-9-ns+ns       100

Max hung in there with the 4.7 sail and everyone else with a radial or full rig.  It gets you in the back of the pack and everyone giving you bad wind.  Good job Max.

Michael sailed better with a 7 and a lot of good experience in more wind.

Bailey disqualified himself after the third race.  Good sport, but practice the 360 and 720 turns and do them when you have a real question.  Good practice and keeps you in the race.

Craig Yates hasn’t sailed with us for a while and glad to see him back.  The 3 is often where can come in.

Cameron Smith was two points ahead of Luke in the Saturday races and then he didn’t come on Sunday. Let Luke get away from him.

Vince Renzoni is one of our faithful.  Getting a lot better and hung in there for all the races except the fourth on Sunday.  Rob finished and Vince and everyone else were capsized.  He brings Sally to help with the RC.

Dave Chapin first on Saturday and had other things to do on Sunday.

Marc Solal has been coming regularly again.  This was his kind of wind and did well except he broke his centerboard on the capsize in the last race.  I think we can find another board for him.

Sam liked the wind on Saturday, but a couple of the big gusts on Sunday made him think an old man was better on shore.

Luke really sailed well on Sunday and we were so glad to have him sail with us on Sunday.  A little challenge for Rob.

Rob Krentel sets the marks for us.  Finds the flags and all that stuff.   And then shows us we could sail a little better.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Laser finishes for November 3 and 4, 2012

Light winds both days with races delayed on Sunday till the fog drifted away.


Luke Yates    4-3+1-1         9

Sam Chapin  5-7+2-3          17

Vince Renzoni 8-5+3-2        18

Marc Solal     7-6-+4-nf       22

Dave Chapin 1-1+ns            22

Rob Krentel  2-2+ns            24
Cameron Smith  3-4+ns      27

Bailey Verkaik  6-ns+ns       36

Max Epaillard    9-nf+ns     39


Max was caught with a radial sail on a really light day.  Even with correction we couldn’t get him out of last place.

Bailey had to get home and couldn’t finish that long race.

Cameron was tied with Luke on Saturday, both with a 3 and 4.

Rob Krentel was missed on Sunday while we sat around waiting for the fog to drift away.  He managed to stay with Dave on both days Saturday.

David Chapin had other things to do on Sunday and Luke took over the giving advice on the course and helped Vince around.


Marc Solal is one of our most regular sailors and was locked up with Vince in most of the races over the weekend.
They were tied on Saturday and sailing together on Sunday.


Renzoni is picking up the light air sailing, one of the tough things to learn.  We hope to get his name in the paper.

Sam was glad to be one point ahead of Vince for the weekend. 

Luke Yates sailed both days with us inspire of the tough conditions and showed that he could do it all and was helping others.  Keep coming Luke.