Monday, April 18, 2011

Club Racing

April 17 and 18, 2011 races go into history with Rob missing Alejandro on Saturday when there were white caps all over the place. Sam just sailed out and around the committee boat and back to shore. Rob sailed away from everyone so badly that he resorted to many gybes and extra distance down wind. Those of us watching from shore couldn’t figure out what the course was. Anyway that was his excuse for letting Luke Yates catch him on corrected time in the third race. Maybe the big news is the return of the Youth, Luke Yates sailing his Radial, Cameron Smith with his Radial and Claire Epaillard sailing a 4.7. Cameron pulled his boom block off and had to drop out, but Claire and Luke stuck it out for all five races. Claire did get in trouble with a capsize and sheets wrapped around the boat which was solved when Luke and she switched around. Luke got it straightened up and they switched boats back. Our RC called for help on the radio, but Luke and Claire had it all solved by the time the safety boat arrived.
Tom Rhodes hung in there for all the races on both days and got some more experience with capsizes on Saturday. Patrick Daniel came on both days, but just tested the wind on Saturday. We will get him out with radial on the next really windy day. He won one of the races on Sunday so he has moved up the ladder.
As noted before, when I ran the times for Saturday nothing changed except in the third race, when Luke bumped Rob out of first and Claire bumped Tom out of third. So the youth make themselves noticed. What a great day for them.
The summary of 5 races on Saturday + 4 races on Sunday with the big numbers for the days missed.
Rob Krentel 1-1-2-1-1+2-3-2-1 = 8
Luke Yates 2-2-1-2-4+20 =31
Tom Rhodes 3-4-4-4-2+4-4-3-4 =32
Sam Chapin 30+1-2-1-2 =36
Claire Epaillard 4-5-3-3-3+20 =38
Patrick Daniel 30+3-1-4-3 =41
Cameron Smith 5-3-ns +20 =46
Thanks as always to Joan Bryant our faithful PRO and to Aerial Magno who helped with flags, timer and anchor. Aerial has sailed with us in the Lasers the last two Wednesdays and will join us in racing.

Monday, April 11, 2011



The April 9 and 10, 2011 Laser races had Maribel and Genesis Illera and Sonia Mesa on the Saturday RC and Maribel and Genesis on Sunday. Light wind on Saturday, but we managed 4 races including a late start. A tough RC started things before Alajandro got out to the course. Don’t mess with Maribel.
Bianca Mesa was back from her trip around Florida including the Mt. Dora regatta win and was able to do a second place finish on Saturday with us. The Mesa’s usually take Sunday off to get ready for school—we hope she is back with us next Saturday for our club races coming up that quickly.
Marc Solal was back with us on Sunday and although Tom Rhodes bested him on Sunday. Marc was up with the leaders several times at the windward mark.
Tom Rhodes and Mark have been trading places for a long time and Sunday Tom came out ahead.
Rob Krentel was always in the hunt. On Sunday he and Alejandro were tied with 8 points each, but Alejandro had three wins to two for Rob. So Alejandro is ahead on both days.
Peter and Jim both planned to sail with us, but were not able to make it.
The Summary
Alejandro Illera ns-1-1-1+2-1-3-1-1 =17
Rob Krentel nf-20-3-3+1-2-1-2-2 =20
Sam Chapin 1-5-5-4+3-3-2-3-3 =29
Tom Rhodes 3-4-4-5+4-4-4-5-4 =37
Bianca Mesa 2-3-2-2+ns =39
Marc Solal ns+5-5-5-4-5 =48

Club racing again next weekend.
And Wednesday evening….