Monday, November 21, 2011

The Laser report is easier this week with maybe the last warm weekend our numbers dropped to a two year low with just five racing on Saturday and three on Sunday. November 19-20, 2011


Dave Chapin ns-1-1-1-1-1+1-1-2-1-1-1 =18

Rob Krentel 1-2-2-3-2-2+2-2-1-2-2-2 =23

Sam Chapin 3-4-3-4-3-3+ns-ns-3-3-3-3 =40

Luke Yates 2-3-4-2-ns-ns+ns =46

Bailey Verkaik nf-5-5-5-ns-ns+ns =56

Bailey and Luke were both sailing the big rig and the wind was really up. They both deserve a lot of credit for hanging in there. They both went in a little before 12 to get ready for the afternoon sailing class and missed the last two races on Saturday plus missing the Sunday races.

Note that when Luke was sailing he got two second places and beat Rob in the fourth race. Good work Luke. He would have beaten out Sam for the weekend if he had just sailed a couple of more races.

The forecast for Sunday was for light winds, but when we got out there it was gusting up. Sam went in and changed to radial. Then we had both light areas of wind where the radial just died and everybody sailed away, but in the big wind gusts the radial was staying up with the big guys up wind.

Rob continues to make Dave work for his wins and got him in the third race Sunday. Rob sets the marks out for us every race day and stopped by Wednesday afternoon to help get our Wednesday afternoon group sailing better.

David Chapin continues to show us that we can sail better. Stand up before the start looking for the pressure. Get off the line faster. Work the shifts better. Changing gears with wind velocity. He wants us to have a face book page that everyone can join in. You will hear more about that. D13 has one but it is all about Sun coast stuff. Of course Antolin needs in put, but he gets all our stuff.

We will continue the “try a Laser” sailing on every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday afternoons 3PM.

Monday, November 7, 2011

It was a great Good Bye to Tom Rhodes. He placed second in the Saturday races. Second place in the first race and third in the second including the capsize that got everyone but Bailey in the 4.7. Bailey won that race outright without any time allowance. Then we finished off the cake with the help of others and a dent in the ice-cream. Sat around and talked a little. Looked forward to a little less wind on Sunday. It wasn’t a lot less.

Rob Krentel 1-2+1-2-2-2 =10

Dave Chapin 16+2-1-1-1 =21

Patrick Daniel 3-nf+3-nf =28

Tom Rhodes 2-3+24 =29

Bailey Verkaik 6-1+24 =31

Jerry Beck 5-4+24 =33

Marc Solal 4-nf+ns =36

Vince Renzoni 7-nf+24 =39

Sam Chapin ns+ns =40

Let’s start with Sam. Lots of excuses—cold, windy, old, should be smart enough to rig a radial, glad to see the rest of you at least sailing a little.

Vince has the leak fixed in his boat and has a house in Mt. Dora, so he will be more regular.

Marc was laughing and having fun, so he is fine.

Jerry did a great job sailing both races on Saturday and we are glad to have him coming whenever he can.

Bailey won the Youth 4.7 Championship and then he won the second race outright on Saturday. Great work and it had us all laughing. What a great day!

Tom Rhodes, one of our regulars, passes on his boat and maybe his regular spot to Vince. We will have to see how that turns out.

David we were really happy to see you come and cool off Rob a little while Alejandro was out of the country.

Rob did it again. Set up the course and then when he and David were having their match races they included the Scots windward mark for a gybe mark so it was a triangle course. We can’t do that if we have a lot of boats, but we can spread out the windward marks--- maybe need another course signal—maybe C course= B mark and then A mark and back down wind..