Monday, July 26, 2010

We had thirteen racing with us over the weekend– July 24 and 25, 2010. Six races on Saturday and struggled to get the three in Sunday. Finishes here with corrected times for Chris Nagy who sailed the 4.7 on Saturday.

Sam Chapin 2-3-2-3-3-3+4-1-7= 28
Patrick Daniel 6-2-3-2-1-7+3-5-2= 31
Randy Rea 1-1-1-1-2-1+33 = 40
Ray Laguna 3-8-4-4-6-6+2-6-3= 42
Jerry Beck 7-4-5-7-8-2+6-3-4= 45
Luke Yates 4-6-6-5-7-4+33 = 65
Marc Solal 5-5-8-6-4-5+33 = 66
Rob Krentel 66+1-2-1= 70
Tom Rhodes 10-10-9-10-9-8+5-4-5= 70
Chris Nagy 8-7-7-8-10-10+33 = 83
Jim McIntyre 9-7-ns-9-5-9+ 33 = 86
Trevor Chapin 66+ns-7-6 = 87
David Chapin 66+nf-ns-ns= 90

What a strange scoring? Alejandro was off racing cars?? We will have to find out about that. Dave Chapin and Caroline went sown to Jensen Beach to the Treasure coast Regatta. Big wind and long courses for 6 races. Everybody stiff and sore. Caroline stayed in bed Sunday. Dave was late for first race and then turned his boat over to Trevor Chapin, who sailed the last two races and bet his grandfather in the last race– my, my.

Better sailing on Saturday and people taking a day off, turned the weekend over to Sam, just a couple of points ahead of Patrick Daniel.

Patrick was the only one to beat Randy Rea on Saturday. We don’t have to worry any more if he will be able to be happy sailing a Laser.

Randy Rea came on Saturday and we always are glad to have him come and nicely timed with Rob, Alejandro and David out of town on Saturday, it gave us something to shoot at. Of course if they would all come at once, it would soup up the front of the fleet.

Ray Laguna came back again– actually he has sold his Flying Scot, so maybe we have him all to ourselves till he makes a deal to get another Scot. I thought Ray won that first race on Sunday. That was going to be nice, with us all sharing the bullets, but Rob nipped him at the line, so it was just a second place. Still nice sailing Ray.

Jerry Beck had a second place in the last race on Saturday and a 3 on Sunday. He was always sailing fast when I saw him on the course. We have to work a little to get over the three bad races on Saturday and one tank on Sunday. Jerry and I are working out the hydration on race days. You have to start drinking water at least an hour before going out.

Luke Yates came back from Laser sailing with Cameron Smith in Clermont and 420 sailing in LESC. Luke had a full rig and sailed it to a couple of fourth places, and then missed Sunday.

Marc Solal sailing better than ever. Marc is maybe our most regular member, but Sunday he went on a cruise to the the strange countries in the Caribbean, like Key West etc. Smart move–Sunday was really painful.

Rob Krentel was down here in 8th place with a 1-2-1. Probably we should so something about our scoring system? But he stole that first place from Ray in the first race Sunday, so we will just leave him down here in 8th.

Tom Rhodes is gradually putting his new boat together and tied with Rob. Not bad. We had to put Rob ahead because he had a couple of bullets. Tom when you get the bullets, we will put you ahead.

Chris Nagy sailed to 4.7 on Saturday. When we did the times, he moved up a couple of places in the first four races, but as the wind died he stayed in 10 for the last two. Sorry about the wind Chris. We probably should have you try the radial unless we have several people sailing 4.7s.

Jim McIntyre sailed the Kelly boat without the new systems. Probably OK for someone just sailing Laser for the first time. He did and good job –only turned over once. He got a 5 in one race on Saturday. (Beat Ray L. In that race!)

I already told you about Trevor and Dave Chapin.

Above under Marc, I had said it was painful Sunday. Hot and light shifty wind, but good practice changing gears and sailing to pressure. The lighter the wind, sit further forward in the boat and heal to leeward to reduce wetted surface. A little vang so you can sail with boom out past the transom to keep the boat moving. Good practice for the old guy to try and fold up and do all that.

Mary Anne Ward, who is always talking about coming Laser sailing, missed it again. She came after all the sailing was done and wind was gone. She brought Bill Ward (husband ), Great grandmother Erban with her walker, a bunch of tall good looking sons, daughters, daughter in laws and the grandchildren who were fighting to see who gets to go out in the sailboat first. So she sailed an MC scow up and down the pressure steaks into the afternoon with small groups of fascinated people.

Now those people that worry about “saving sailing” relax, because Marry Anne is bringing her family.

Monday, July 12, 2010

LASER RACES – JULY 10 AND 11, 2010

Alejandro Illera 1-2-3-3-2+1-1-2-2-3 20
Dave Chapin 2-1-2-1-1+ns-ns1-1-2 31
Jerry Beck 6-9-7-7-6+2-4-5-3-1 50
Sam Chapin 3-5-6-4-5+4-2-ns 59
Rob Krentel 4-3-1-2-3+ns 63
Marc Solal 7-7-8-8-9+6-6-7-7-6 71
Charlie Jensen Ns-ns-4-6-8+ns-7-6-4-7 72
Caroline Chapin 8-6-9-9-4+ns-ns-4-8-5 73
Ray Laguna 5-4-5-5-7+ ns 76
Dean Grimes Ns+3-3-nf-9-9 78
Tom Rhodes 9-8-10-10-10+5-5-8-5-nf 79
Jennifer Jones Ns+ns-ns-3-6-9 88

What a great weekend we had! Saturday a great west wind with a few holes early and then strengthening during the morning. On Saturday it was cloudy with better wind and after two races, thunder and lightning. We called the races, but in a half hour it had blown over. The wind settled down again. So back to racing. Caroline even talked her grandmother (the PRO) into a two lap races sometime after 12 o’clock. Previously, never heard of.

The scores above are corrected for times, as Caroline sailed her radial rig in the Sunday races. She picked up two places in the third race and one place in the two lap race.

The score sheet is riddled with ns and nf’s. Dave and Caroline came late on Sunday. Sam didn’t go out after the thunder storm on Sunday. Rob had family business on Sunday. Ray Laguna went shooting on Sunday. Charlie is laying tile at home early in morning when it is cool. Dean Grimes had traveler break in the third race Sunday. Sam should have replaced it before. Jennifer Jones has her hands full with the job at the YMCA. She also got in the only capsize .Sunday. Caroline was the only capsize on Saturday.

Now a quick look up the list with Jennifer first. She is at the bottom of the list, but only because she sailed in the fewest races. Note the third place in third race Sunday and she was sailing a full rig.

Tom Rhodes has his own boat now. A string of 10s on Saturday, but now is beating people on Sunday. The nf was a clew hook that came undone. We will tighten that up for him.

Dean Grimes had two thirds on Sunday. Not bad. Chasing the leaders.

Ray Laguna sailed with us on Saturday and perhaps was the most consistent with 4 and 5s. Just above the middle of the fleet and he has not been a regular Laser sailor.

Caroline Chapin had two fourth’s. Not bad for a gal that doesn’t want any advice. She would have had another 4th if she hadn’t been trying to show off the upside down hiking for her grandmother at the finish line. Capsized just before crossing and went from 4 to 9.

Charlie Jensen is getting the tiling done and had a couple of fourth places.

Marc Solal continues to improve. Better finishes with more wind on Sunday, but look out Marc because Tom is sailing faster.

Rob we missed you on Sunday. It was your sort of wind and we need to keep Alejandro boxed in. Rob is one of the four that shared bullets for the weekend.

Jerry Beck has finished polishing his boat and now has come to race it A 1-2-3-4 and 5 on Sunday. Way to go Jerry!

Dave Chapin continues to get most of the bullets, but had regular duels with Alejandro. Dave and Caroline were late coming on Sunday. Dave won the Saturday racing and the racing after the T-storm on Sunay.

Alejandro Illera continues at the top of the page and he is getting better. So are the rest of us. The group is coming together better at the start and at the first mark. The runs and mark rounding are improving with less stragglers at the end of the races.

Close sailing in the middle of the fleet on Sunday’s first two races– Jerry 2-4, Sam 4-2 and Dean 3-3.

We appreciate the loan from the Flying Scot fleet of Ray Laguna and Dean Grimes. Thank you folks.