Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 23 and 24, 2011

AAAA July 23 and 24, 2011 were good days for the Laser group. Light winds predicated. Saturday was light but not as bad as predicted. We got three races in. Sunday wind was a lot better, but still with holes. We had 16 sailors and 7 races so we have a long note today.
David Chapin 2-1-1+8-1-1-1 = 15
Alejandro Illera 1-2-4+2-3-4-2= 18
Rob Krentel 4-3-2+4-2-3-3= 21
Patrick Daniel 6-6-3+6-8-5-4=38
Sam Chapin 8-7-5+5-4-2-dq= 43
Tom Rhodes 11-9-10+3-5-6-5= 49
Vince Renzoni 10-11-11+7-6-9-6= 60
Ben Getchell 3-4-6+ ns 48 = 61
Charlie Jensen ns39+1-7-7-ns= 66
Ray Laguna 5-8-7+ns 48= 68
Jerry Beck 7-5-9+ns48 = 69
Steve Chapin ns 39+ns-ns-8-7=78
Jim McIntyre ns-10-8+ns 48 = 79
Marc Solal 9-12-nf+ ns48 = 82
Brett Chapin ns39+ns-ns-10-nf=85
Trevor Chapin ns39+ns-ns-11-ns=86
Starting at the bottom—Brett and Trevor Chapin are grandchildren from California that only get to sail a little every other year. We are glad to see them out with us.
We are working on the leaks in Marc Solal boat. That is the boat made in Brazil that was brought here from Puerto Rica by Cesar Toro, who used it to beat up on us pretty badly a few years ago. Now it is the hands of the Frenchman. That is our international boat and hopefully sailing with us regularly again.
Jim McIntyre sailed with us a few times before. Too bad he didn’t sail Sunday, which was a much more forgiving day.
Steve Chapin was our heavy weight on Sunday sailing Chutzpah and doing very well going up wind and then not so well down wind.
Jerry Beck sailed on Saturday in the light wind. He had a 5th and was in the middle of the fleet. Not bad Jerry.
Ray Laguna sailed maybe for the first time since he got his heart fixed. Good work Ray. We are glad to have you sailing again and especially with us. He had 5th also and just a point ahead of Jerry.
Charlie Jensen is our other “just had my heart fixed” and look at that first place in the first race on Sunday. Wow. With Dave and Alejandro sailing with us not many of those bullets are available.
Ben Getchell is back from vacation and pushing the top of the list. He told me he was coming back on Sunday, but didn’t. Late night Saturday. He was our only youth and we hope to be getting them back regularly.
Vince Renzoni is climbing up there. Notice that he was out sailing while Rob was setting up the course, working on his boat handling and getting used to the wind shifts and conditions. It helped him a lot. You can do that too, if you are looking to improve your score.
Tom Rhodes is climbing up the group. Notice the 3rd in the first race on Sunday. That is right up there with the big dogs.
Sam really liked the wind on Sunday and managed that 2nd place. Wow.
Patrick Daniel had moved into the third and fourth place. Welcome Patrick.
Rob Krentel continues his competition with Alejandro. Just one or two points apart each day. Rob is one his way to Halifax this coming weekend so he can get a little faster.
Alejandro Illera is back for most of the summer to challenge us all. He comes down to the club in the “Bat mobile”. Don’t miss that.
David Chapin soaked up an 8 on Sunday because he was delayed getting Trevor Chapin rigged. He tells us that our “behinders” need to push up better to the start and not get left behind.
Will do separate e-mail about other observation of the weekend. Don’t miss it!