Monday, July 20, 2009

The T-storms of Saturday and Sunday canceled the MC match racing this past week end but the Kurt Taulbee Laser Clinic worked around the storms with

Mark Solal, Jerry Beck, Seth Behr, Caroline Ladley, Leah Ladley, Ben Getchell and Alejandro Illera in regular attendance.

Kurt started with rigging and then all the rest to finish with exercise and nutrition.

Do you think our fleet will ever be the same again. Alejandro’s boat will always be different –lost rudder and tiller on Friday and Hole in the boat on Saturday. Never worry. Alejandro has a big roll of duck tape.

Maribel Illera with Genesis and the Getchell food group finished things off Sunday evening with the Mediterranean food specials so we wouldn’t go home hungry— yes, there are lots of Lasers sailing in the Med..

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS will continue and all invited.. 5 to 7 PM with Pizza and North U at 7 to 8 PM. Topic– maybe high lights from Kurt Taulbee.

This coming weekend –Post Clinic practice and maybe in the 5 to 7 Time frame on Saturday and Sunday.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Forth of July was a firecracker day for the Lake Eustis Laser Fleet. We had eleven boat out and struggled through four races, some heat but it was a great morning. The wind was up for Sunday with some hiking thrown in and big shifts. Eight sailing that day in six races.

Dave Chapin 2-1-1-2 + 4-1-2-1-3-2 = 19
Ben Getchell 1-2-2-1 + 3-3-4-6-1-1 = 24
Rob Krentel 3-3-3-3 + 1-2-1-4-5-4 = 29
Sam Chapin 4-4-4-4 + 8-5-5-5-4-3 = 45
Alejandro Illera (48) + 2-4-3-3-6-6 = 72
Jon Chapin 8-8-8-8 + 5-7-8-8-7-7 = 75
Craig Yates 6-5-5-6 + (63) = 75
Luke Yates 5-7-6-5+ (63) = 76
Caroline Chapin (48) + 7-6-6-4-2-5 = 78
Jerry Beck 7-6-7-7 + (63) = 90
Jim Orth (48) + 6-8-7-8-7-7 =91
Kevin Hines 10-10-10-9+ (63) =102
Tim Arnold ns12-9-9-nf12 + (63) = 105
Pete Hylen 9-nf12-12-12 + (63) = 108

We had fourteen that sailed with us. Five sailed both days and the other took big hits in the 2 day scoring. Maybe not fair, but I scored a Saturday series a few years ago and the same people won the Saturday series as the two day series so I gave that up.

Anyone that wants a Starturday Series, score it and get the trophies. The numbers are always there.

I am going to start at the bottom of the list of people this week, because those people are the most important. We give the trophies to the wrong ones. It is the folks at the bottom that hold the fleet together and are the big winners in a few years, if they work at it.

Pete Hylen is an old guy that has retired from the Wayfarer fleet and occasionaly has sailed a Laser and we got him back in, but on a bad day. Light wind and he is not use to folding up enough to get the boat to heel to leeward. He is a good sailor and knows what he has to do it, but discouraged after a really light second race. We will be glad to get Pete back in a boat when the wind is up a little more. Pleased that he come and gave it a try.

Tim Arnold had his first light wind racing and really did great. He was late getting rigged and all that stuff that is over come with more experience. He and his Dad are Jet Ski guys and I think they spent most of the weekend with the jet ski guys at Tavares.

Kevin Hines was in the Laser for the first time and he was great. We hope he was happy and can keep coming. He has the Holder 12 that was down on the beach.
Jim Orth did the Laser with us on Sunday. Jim has done a lot of
sailing and knows what he is doing and will move up fast in our little group. He has the Lido 14 (California boat) and his wife has told him to "get a Laser. I am done crewing." Welcome Jim.

Jerry Beck is still trying to retire, but just has a few more jobs to do and some Boy Scouts to raise. We were glad to see him on Saturday– it was a better day on Sunday, Jerry. Now Jerry was in the middle of the fleet. He has all the fast stuff and now a little more sailing.

Caroline Chapin. We were glad to see her again– she has been busy with the high school stuff in Orlando. She gets advice from her Dad that you can hear across the course, but she sails the boat and got a second place in the 5th race Sunday (full rig and our only woman).

Luke Yates is usually trying to beat his dad and Sam sees a lot of him around the course. He does a great job sailing the boat when he is paying attention and, Oh Yes, you would have beat Sam that time if had not fallen out of the boat going downwind.

Craig Yates, the Laser sailor from down under, just beat the kid and moved the marks and is our general high school coach and "I am not afraid of the windy days" guy.

Jon Chapin spent two days sailing and is getting better and is tackling the Sailboards over at Kelly Park. We will be seeing more of him.

Alejandro Illera is changing boats. He was sailing Charlie Yost’s old boat– now Alejandro’s and he is working things out. I think Rob got a little hand up in the practice department. Alejandro is planning to get that back and more. I am always glad to see them go off fighting with each other and giving me a chance to get closer.

Sam is trying to rehab the old red youth foundation boat. It is so old there is no number and it has to be heavy with the repairs and the PAINT. (Craig, the paint makes them heavy and slow.)
It didn’t leak any Saturday and just a little Sunday. A work in progress.

Rob Krentel sets the marks out (Kevin is helping him.) And he was in second place in Sunday’s racing and third overall for the weekend.. He had been special in helping Kevin get up to speed and generally helping people solve there problems.

Ben Getchell has been beating everyone up in our races and working hard with the Sailing Camp all week and Sailing down at the Park on the Eustis Friday Night fireworks thing.. He was tied with Dave for first on Saturday, but dropped back a few points on Sunday. I think he got caught on the wrong side of a couple of big shifts.

Dave Chapin was ahead at the end of the weekend in spite of sailing the boat and watching his two children all the time. Well, he has a lot more sailing time and Laser time than anyone else.
Now this note is going to Randy Rhea. We will see if he can get loose from volley ball and get over to challenge Dave and Ben.

\Thanks to Joan Bryant and Marjorie Chapin who continue to do the great RC work.