Monday, March 25, 2013

Laser finishes for Saturday, March 23, 2013  … None for Sunday = races canceled for too much wind.

Finishes include three 420s which we usually score separately, but Luke Yates sailed his 420 so well I have included them all with the corrected times.

David Chapin    2-1-1-3-1      8

Rob Krentel       3-2-2-4-2      13

Sam Chapin       5-4-4-2-3       18

Luke Yates  420  1-3-3-1-nf   22

Patrick Daniel    6-8-7-5-6       32

Dave Smith        8-6-7-5-6       36

Vince Renzoni   12-9-6-6-4      37

Tom Jennings   10-10-9-8-5    42

Bailey Verkaik 420 4-5-10-ns-ns   47

Chris Nagy       ns-7-11-10-8     50

Nicole/Catlin 420 7-12-5-ns-ns  52

Michael Gapuz   9-13-13-9-9      53

Claire Epaillard  11-11-12-ns-ns  63

Claire is our woman champion.  The only reason she is last, is missing the last two races to be done by noon.

Michael hung in there and is better and better.

Nicole in the 420 jumped a whole bunch of places with the time correction in the third race.

Chris Nagy suffered from not being in the first race for some reason. The 7 and 8s are not bad in that group.

Bailey sailing the 420 was up with the Lasers in 4th and 5th.

Tom Jennings has been one of the faithful during the winter season.  In the most races sailed in February and March category he was second.  His plans are sending him back to Indiana early in April.  He will be missed.



Vince Renzoni moves up the ladder.  He is our iron man with most races sailed in February and March.

Dave Smith is probably not really a Smith.  He is a friend of Patrick’s and was sailing Patrick boat while Patrick sailed one of the Youth Foundation.

Patrick Daniel is back after a long time sailing his big boat. He was the fourth Laser and pushing at the top.

Luke Yates was the first 420 and fourth boat overall.  He went in after the fourth race and it we only scored the first four races he would be in second place.

Sam did pretty well for an old guy.  Managed to win the fourth race except Luke beat him out on time in that race.

Rob continues our overall leader but couldn’t pull off any first place for the day.

Dave Chapin came over because the wind was up and we hoped that Randy Rae would show to add the mix at the top.  We are always glad to see David sail with us.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Laser finishes for March 9 and 10, 2013

Sam Chapin        2-4-4-2-1+2-1-1-1    =18

Tom Jennings     3-6-2-6-2+1-2-2-2     = 26

Dave Chapin        1-1-1-1-ns+ns             =27

Vince Renzoni  5-3-3-3-3+3-3-3-nf   =32

Bailey Verkaik 

420                      4-2-6-ns-ns+ns          =42

Claire Epaillard        6-5-5-ns-ns+ns           =46

Michael Gapuz  7-7-8-5-4+ns              =47


420                       8-8-7-4-ns+ns           =48

Finishes are by corrected times with Claire and Michael sailing radials.

Nicole and Katlin in the 420 struggled without a spinnaker pole but hung in there for all the races on Saturday.

Michael Gapuz is sailing better every week and the higher winds don’t seem to bother him.

Claire is sailing with us again and has moved up to the radial.  At the moment our only woman.

Bailey sailing the 420 moved up a lot on the time corrections.   He was always pushing the faster boats ahead.  He managed one second place on time correction.

Vince Renzoni is sailing better and better.  On Saturday he placed ahead of Tom.

Dave Chapin came by on Saturday to show us how to do it, but missed the higher wind of Sunday.

Tom Jennings was second for the weekend. He won the first race on Sunday.  Tom will probably be going back North in April and we will miss him.

Sam Chapin was glad to be able to handle the winds on Sunday and not to fall out of the boat until the on the way back to shore.