Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 29 and 30, 2012    Laser finishes.

Dave Chapin     1-1-2+1-1-1               7

Rob Krentel       2-2-1+2-2-2              11

Sam Chapin       6-3-3+3-5-4               24

Jerry Beck         ns-5-6+4-3-3               29

Vince Renzoni 5-8-8+5-4-5                  35

Cameron Smith  3-4-4+ns                  38

Chris Nagy           4-6-5+ns                  42

Michael Gapuz   7-7-7+ns                   48

Michael Gapuz is sailing better and managed to beat Vince in two races on Saturday and we are trying to get them both to sail a little better.

Chris Nagy was second youth.  He just got over a long bout of flu and I bet he will be harder to beat next time.

Cameron smith is up with the leader regularly and our first youth last club racing.

Vince Renzoni is the first one out on the race course and that will be paying off soon.

Jerry beck stepped up again on Sunday with 3’s in the last two races.  That is where he was sailing before the sore back.  Glad you are better Jerry.

Well are you ready to have Sam tell you that we are operating under the democratic system.  Because four of you went around the wrong mark in the second race you were scored as you finished, BUT when we sail the B course in reverse (because of the 180 degree wind change) you need to go around the B mark just like you did on the the first race B course.  Well, we didn’t DSQ you all; I don’t want you all to be crying.

Rob Krentel is last year’s CHAMPION and we have his name up on the wall in the Club House to prove it. He beat David in one race on Saturday and was with him most of the time on Sunday.

Dave Chapin won 5 of the six races over the weekend.   Well, he has had more practice sailing than most of us.  It takes some time, a little studying, some work on the boat.  Whenever I see those guys standing up and looking to windward I know we are in trouble and he started doing that when he was about 10 years old.

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 15 and 16, 2012

 Laser and Optimist finishes for September 15 and 16, 2012

Dave Chapin         1-1-1-1+1-2-2-1-1               11

Rob Krentel          2-2-2-3+2-1-1-2-2               17

Sam Chapin                    ns+3-4-3-3-3              56

Vince Renzoni            ns-9+4-5-4-4-4               60

Marc Solal                       ns+5-3-5-5-5               63

Cameron Smith   4-4-6-2+ns                               66

Jerry Beck             3-5-4-5+ns                               67

Luke Yates           8-3-3-4+ ns                              68

Claire Epaillard      7-7-5-6+ns                                75

Leah Harper        6-6-8-7+ns                                 77

Michael Gapuz   5-8-7-8+ns                                  78



Max Epaillard   1-1-1-1               4

Matt Smith       2-2-2-3               9

Justin Harper   3-3-3-2               11



The Optimists sailed with us on a little shorter course...

Justin Harper is Leah’s younger brother (See above for Leah).  He got ahead of Matt in the last races.—good work Justin.

Matt Smith is another family member with his big brother Cameron sailing a full rig Laser.  He was chasing Max all morning.

Max Epaillard is regular Opti champ.  He has sailed the Laser 4.7 with us.  He is hard to beat in the Opti.


Michael Gapuz is getting some time in his Laser radial and managed a 5th in the first windy race.  Good job Michael.

Leah Harper sailed a radial and this was her first time racing with us. She beat Claire twice and that is not easy to do.
Claire Epaillard was the top radial sailor.  When I corrected the times she jumped up to 5th in the third race.  Our first woman.

Luke Yates had a bad first race that held him back.  Not sure what happened.

Jerry Beck usually loves this windy stuff, but a sore back held him back.  The three in the first race is his usual stuff and pushing the front.

Cameron Smith got a 2 in the last race and was our first youth.  Good job again Cameron.

Marc Solal came on Sunday and sailed a different boat.  It is tough when you changed boats, even the Lasers are all rigged a little different.  He did get one third but is usually better than that when it is windy.

Vince Renzoni changed over to a radial on Saturday so he missed most of the races and then when the wind died there he was in the radial.  He hung in there on Saturday with a full rig and beat Marc most of the time

Sam couldn’t get around the windward mark better than third.  He was lucky to do that.  Don’t complain.

Rob got to David on two of the races on Sunday.  That will make him work a little harder.

David Chapin continued to win most of the races.  What is it?  Nail the start, sail fast and hit all the shifts.







Monday, September 3, 2012

Laser finishes for September 1 and 2, 2012

We had 11 boats out Saturday and picked up Charlie Jensen on Sunday for a total of 12 over the weekend.  (Wayfarers= 5    Scots =7   MC=11)

Dave Chapin      1-2-1-5-3+1-1-2       15

Alejandro Illera 4-3-5-1-2+3-2-1        21

Rob Krentel       2-5-4-2-4+4-5-5         31

Sam Chapin       3-1-2-4-5+5-4-8          32

Jerry Beck          6-6-3-8-1+6-8-4          42

Luke Yates         7-6-7-6-nf+2-3-3         46

Vince Renzoni  8-11-9-7-9+8-6-7          65

Cameron Smith  9-4-11-3-6+ns             69

Max Epaillard   5-7-8-9-8+ns                 73

Charlie Jensen  ns+7-7-6                         80

Mathew Smith   11-9-6-10-10+ns         82

Michael Gapuz   10-10-10-11-7+ns        84

Michael sailed only on Saturday, but was last only in one race and had a seventh in the last race.  They tell me you are pinching too much.  Michael be sure you have the telltales on the sail and keep both of them flowing.  You may have to turn away from the wind some to get the one the windward side to flow.

Mathew Smith is Cameron’s young brother and pulled out of the Opti to sail a radial with us. 
Good job Mathew.  Look at that 6 in the third race.  Beat all those full rigs.

Charlie Jensen got out sailing with us on Sunday and pushing our numbers up to 12. Sunday was a tough day to sail with the light wind.  Come on Saturdays Charlie.

Max Epaillard showed us how he sailed the Opti so well.  He picked up one place in the first and last race on Saturday when I did the corrected times.  How about that 5th place in eleven boats.

Cameron Smith was the youth leader on Saturday with a 3 and a 4.  Good work Cameron.

Vince Renzoni is one of our regulars and gradually improving.  He got out early on Sunday to check out the winds and get in some extra practice.  We should see more of that.

Luke Yates came back on Sunday to take his place as the first youth.  He was third overall on Sunday.  Good work Luke.

Jerry Beck had one of those weekends.  He won a race and was last in one.  The last two races on Saturday-  an 8 and then a first.

Sam apparently gets tired after an hour or so of racing and his numbers fall off.  See the note below on Alejandro.

Rob Krentel had a rough weekend.  He didn’t win a race but did get the third place trophy.

Alejandra Illera is back. It takes him a little time on the water to get warmed up.  Check his finishes both days.  Best of all he brought Maribel and Genesis, wife and daughter, back to visit.  Genesis is 13 yrs. old and as big as mom.  Wow.

Dave Chapin was back both days and didn’t win all the races, but showed us how to do it.  He sailed Kevin Ratigan's boat which you can buy from Sam.